Rajasthan News / 'BJP will suffer in Rajasthan like Karnataka' - Dotasara

Zoom News : Jun 21, 2023, 08:45 PM
Rajasthan News: State Congress President Govind Singh Dotasara, while targeting the BJP, has said that BJP had fought in Karnataka, Punjab on the face of Modi, where there was misery, now the same misery will happen in Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh and MP. Dotasara said- BJP leaders are not able to tell who will be our face. They repeatedly say that Modi ji will be our face. Modi ji was also the face of Karnataka and Punjab, what happened to BJP in these two states is in front of everyone. Now they want to contest elections in Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh in the same manner on the face of Modi ji. Similar misery is going to happen here too. Dotasara was talking to the media at the state Congress headquarters.

Dotasara said- Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore announces the programs of the BJP organization. Ever since CP Joshi became the State President, the organization does not issue a single program after that, Rajendra Rathore announces all the programmes. I want to ask BJP that then why did CP Joshi be made the president when he doesn't do that much. They don't know when and what program to do, they are announcing the programme. Leader of Opposition Rajendra Rathore dominates BJP state president CP Joshi. The BJP organization has no work at all. Satish Poonia used to do some small work for the organization, Poonia was also not able to do any big movement and big demonstration, but now the BJP organization has become completely inactive.

BJP removed OBC state president and he claims to be OBC well-wisher

Dotasara said- BJP people repeatedly claim to be well wishers of OBCs. If you are OBC friendly, then you have removed the state president of OBC and made the state president of General. They should not talk about OBC. Congress party does not talk about caste and religion, we talk about 36 communities. BJP people talk about a particular class to get votes and then commit injustice and atrocities on that particular class.

Who comes from the words of BJP leaders

Dotasara said- Leader of Opposition and BJP leader are announcing secretariat siege with five lakh people. Last time also they demonstrated, they were able to gather 1500 people. Now if we believe in the same way, then how many people will be able to gather. They will not be able to gather even 15 percent of the crowd announced. Who comes by their saying, you see what misery has been done to their organization.

Instead of bragging Rathore, focus on Churu

Dotasara said- Rajendra Rathore should focus on Churu instead of bragging. I have said earlier also that Rathore will not contest from Churu. Let Rajendra Rathore say that he will fight from Churu, till date he has not spoken. Only the leaders of BJP are saying that we are not able to stand anywhere, because we know that our leader is not known, who will be. People will demand answers from BJP. When BJP leaders go among the public, people will ask that you got votes in the name of mother cow, what have you done for mother cow. What did you do for the farmer?

Farmers are angry with BJP, the central government has troubled the farmers the most.

Dotasara said – the entire loan of the farmers of cooperative banks has been waived off. Commercial banks are under the central government, a one-time settlement proposal was sent to give relief to the farmers who have taken loans from these banks, but the central government is not cooperating. Despite writing to the center several times, the settlement was not done.

Everyone knows the injustice done by the BJP and the central government to the sons of the farmers. Most of the children of farmer families go to the army, the central government has made a provision to remove them only after four years of joining the army by bringing the Agneepath scheme. The children of farmer families have been hit the most by this. The farmer's son has been affected the most. They are holding a rally in the name of the farmer in Jhunjhunu, but the farmer there is very upset. Thousands of youth in Shekhawati region have been affected by the Agnapath scheme.

BJP people should go to Jhunjhunu carefully, the farmer there is very angry

Dotasara said- The youth had fiercely opposed the Agneepath scheme, had agitated, the BJP government threatened the protesting youth by saying that those opposing it would not be given jobs anywhere including the army. By saying this, the sons of the farmer were suppressed, intimidated and threatened. There is anger among the farmers against this, so go to Jhunjhunu wisely because the farmers there are very upset and angry about the BJP. Jhunjhunu is the border of Haryana, farmers in Haryana should keep in mind the misery caused by their BJP government. With what mouth are the BJP people talking about the farmers, with what mouth are you saying that we are well wishers of the farmers.