Banda / Boat capsizes in Yamuna river in Banda 40 drowned 4 dead 25 missing sisters were going to tie rakhi

Zoom News : Aug 11, 2022, 05:49 PM
Banda: Boat going from Banda to Fatehpur sank in Yamuna river. There were 40 people in the boat. In this, 20 to 25 people are said to be missing. It is being told that women were going to their maternal home to tie Rakhi on Raksha Bandhan. The accident happened due to the breakdown of the hull.

Divers have launched a hunt for the missing and have recovered four bodies so far. Some people swam out.

Chief Minister expressed grief over the accident

The Chief Minister has directed the team of District Magistrate, DIG, NDRF and SDRF to go to the spot immediately.

The boat overturned as soon as it reached the middle edge

On the occasion of Rakshabandhan, women and people from Samgra village had reached Marka Ghat. About 40 people had boarded the boat to cross the Yamuna river to Asothar Ghat in Fatehpur district. As soon as it reached the middle stream in the Yamuna river, the boat got unbalanced and overturned.

"People who got swept away in the middle of the torrent"

An eyewitness said, “We were going from our village to get the wife and in-laws tied khaga rakhi. When we reached the bank of the river, there was only one boat. It was 3 o’clock in the afternoon. Seeing about 40 people boarded the boat and some motorcycles were also kept on the boat.

He said, "When the boat reached the middle of the river, the people started to hesitate. People got scared and started moving here and there. Meanwhile, the number of people on one side increased and the boat capsized at once. Some people started swimming, but women. And the children started drowning. Suddenly people were running in the stream. Meanwhile a couple of boats that came nearby started pulling some people. In this I also got on a boat. But many women and children Drowned."

Eyewitness Nanku said, "There were 40-50 people on the boat. Out of this, 15 people have been rescued."

KP Yadav, who had escaped from the river, said, "I had come to Samdhara from Lucknow. Samdhara was leaving his wife and was going to his sister's house to tie a rakhi. I had to go to Baraichi. I was going alone on a motorcycle. I was on a boat on a motorcycle. My bike sank."

KP Yadav said, "I somehow managed to get out with the help of bamboo. The hull of the boat suddenly broke. Due to the strong current, the boat disassembled. The boatman could not handle it. After that the boat capsized. Some people survived. But not many people have come out yet."