spain / Cannibal ate 1000 pieces of mother, got 15 years sentence

Zoom News : Jun 16, 2021, 04:50 PM
With a birth mother, a young man crossed all the limits of humanity. After murdering mother, more than a thousand pieces of zombies. They locked these pieces in the plastic jar and put it in the fridge. Adminatory son ate pieces of mother's corpse for a week. After the police arrested the accused started pretending to be mad, but his rule was opened in the court.

After coming in front of this incident that gives heart horror, 28-year-old son Alberto Sanchez Gomez, who lives in Spain, has begun to be called by the people. It has been told that Alberto lived in Madrid of Ventas with his mother. This matter is of 2019 when one night has a quarrel from 68-year-old mother. According to the police, he killed his mother's throat and murdered.

Alberto made more than a thousand pieces of mother's zombies. To cut the zombies, he used the saws used to cut wood by carpenter. After this, put the pieces of zombies in the plastic jar and put it in the fridge. The accused cooked these pieces for a week and eat raw many times. Some pieces he gave his dog to eat too.

According to Daily Mail report, a friend of Alberto's mother complained to her disappearance, then the police went in search of a woman. If the police reached his house, then it was surprised to see the scene. The pieces of the woman's zombies were recovered from the fridge. Along with the head of the woman, the head and heart was kept on the bed. The person was eating meat closely with his pet dog.

Police arrested Alberto on February 21, 2019. After which this case reached the Audiensia provincial court. Here he told the court that he used to say that he used to kill his mother. In his defense, the lawyer also wanted to declare him a mental patient, but Juryberbers dismissed this argument.

Keeping his side, the accused also said that he does not remember anything that he cut his mother and when ate pieces of his corpse. He said that 'I am very regretting. When I woke up, I would worry. I think about my mother and I have broken at all. '

A police official, who gave evidence during the trial, said that during the transferring from the police station, he told that he had threw the first mother.

After two weeks, the court convicted to behave inhuman with murder and corpse. The accused son has been sentenced to 15 years and a five-month jail. Today the court has issued orders. It has been reported that when Alberto was 15 years old, his father was killed. Since then he was living with his mother.