Viral News / Rat entered Spain's parliament, MPs were seen running away from the proceedings

Zoom News : Jul 23, 2021, 06:16 PM
In Spain's Parliament, the rat stirred. Exclude MP proceedings and run away. Its video is becoming a lot of viral on social media. Actually, on Thursday action was going on in Andalusia Parliament in Seville of Spain. Then suddenly the rat came. Instead of voting on a significant issue, the MP looked forward to vote.

Regional Speaker Marta was speaking basket in a viral video in social media, only then he saw a rat in Parliament. He shouted on the microphone and then covered his mouth in shock. After this, many other members left their seat and for a while in Parliament.

According to the report, the members were going to vote on whether the former Regional President Suzana Diaz is appointed as Senator or not? Prior to voting on this, the rat stopped the proceedings of Parliament and MPs left their seat and escaped around.

A media report was told that the rat was very big. The rat had caught a company contracted by Andlandia Parliament. After this, the atmosphere of Amita-Tafri was calm in Parliament and the MPs who are screwed and returned to their seat.

Due to the coming of the rat, the proceedings of Parliament were interrupted for a while. After this, members were assembled again and Suzana Diaz was nominated as a socialist Senator for this region.

The Andalusia's parliament in Seville had contested its first election in 1982. 109 members are selected by D'Hond system. At present, there is a majority in Parliament near the People's Party of Andalusia and Sudadanos Alliance.