Exposure / Cheating of crores from more than 100 people on the pretext of better returns, used to commit such incidents

Zoom News : May 11, 2022, 04:08 PM
The fraudster, who cheated several crores of rupees from more than 100 people across the country by investing in various schemes, has been caught by the police. The accused used to promise better returns to the people. The Crime Branch of Delhi Police has arrested him from Gurugram. The Delhi Police had kept a reward of Rs 20,000 for the arrest of the accused. The court had declared the accused a fugitive.

The CBI has also registered a case against the accused in Shimla. In this case, the court has declared him and his associates as absconders. Apart from Delhi and Shimla, cases are registered against the company of the accused in Haridwar, Saharanpur, UP, Himachal, Punjab and Chandigarh.

According to the police officials of the crime branch, Inspector Krishna Kumar had received information on May 6 that the prize money fraudster Rajdeep Mann, who was absconding for 6 years, was in Gurugram. After the information, a team of Inspector Krishna Kumar, SI Samrat and SI Udayveer was formed under the supervision of Inspector Naresh Solanki. The team arrested Rajdeep Mann (38) from Tower-S, Sector-84, Gurugram, Haryana.

He was a Director, among others, of the Noida base company Davis Value Card Pvt Ltd. These people had duped 92-year-old Atmaram Wadhwa Rs 76 lakh. On the complaint, a case was registered in the crime branch in the year 2015. The Delhi Police had arrested the second director of the company, Sumit Verma, on July 22, 2016.

A Q3 Audi car purchased with the cheated amount was recovered from its possession. Gurpreet Singh, the second director of the company, was arrested from Guwahati, Assam on February 19, 2021. Now three directors Arun Sood, Bhupendra Singh Rawat and Manoj Verma are absconding in this case. The court has declared all three as absconders.

The accused soon became the director of the company

After graduating, Rajdeep Mann worked in Vision BPO Company for about eight years. After this, he started working in the company Davis Value Card Private Limited with a salary of 50 thousand rupees per month. He met Gurpreet Singh, the director of the company. Gurupreet made him a director of the company in the year 2015.

Used to act like this

The company offered the investors holiday package cards and placed lucrative orders to invest money through call centers. They assured people of doubling the amount or even higher returns. The original directors of the company, Sumit and Gurupreet, resigned after three months and fled. In such a situation, the newly appointed directors could not give proper return of the holiday package to the customers. After closing the company, Rajdeep initially started living in Noida. He later went to Punjab to evade arrest. During this the kidney of the accused got damaged.

Cheated many people in shimla

The CBI had registered a case against the accused on September 14, 2019 in Shimla. In this case, the court had declared four directors, including Rajdeep Mann, Arun Sood, Bhupendra Singh Rawat and Manoj Verma as absconders.