Maharashtra Political / 'Chief Minister will be admitted to hospital forcibly' - shocking statement of MLA of CM Shinde faction

Zoom News : Aug 12, 2023, 05:56 PM
Maharashtra Political: The period of upheavals in the politics of Maharashtra has started once again. When the Chief Minister of the state, Eknath Shinde, did not participate in a government program held in Pune, then speculations were made that he might participate in this program online, but it did not happen. The CM's absence at such an important event has once again fueled speculation that Eknath Shinde is upset as Ajit Pawar is allegedly interfering in the functioning of his departments. These speculations also gained strength because Leader of Opposition Vijay Waddetiwar had already claimed that a cold war was going on between CM Shinde and Deputy Chief Minister Ajit Pawar.

Ajit Pawar sidelined speculation

At the same time, Ajit Pawar, ignoring the news of cold war, revealed that Chief Minister Eknath Shinde's health is not good, that is why he has been advised rest by his cabinet colleagues. Ajit Pawar further said, 'Don't know where the leader of the opposition showed cold, where war was shown. A leader (Nana Patole) is feeling that both the Deputy Chief Ministers are eyeing the post of CM. What are we without intelligence? If there is only one chair, then how can both of them gaze there and that chair is not empty at the moment, isn't it, a person is sitting on it. I didn't have to say all this but if you don't answer then people see only one side and not the other.

Will forcibly admit Eknath Shinde to the hospital

In the midst of all this, Sanjay Sirsat, the chief spokesperson of the Shinde faction, has made a shocking disclosure. MLA Sanjay Sirsat said, 'Chief Minister Shinde's health is so bad that no one can imagine. Shinde is the Chief Minister working continuously for 24 hours. He had gone to his village Satara for a day to take some rest, but after August 15, we will forcefully admit him to the hospital. You people are not aware of how bad his health is, but we live together, we know. Hitting out at those commenting on the CM's illness, Sirsat said the Chief Minister has gone to his village and not London.

After all, what has happened to CM Eknath Shinde?

Leaders of the Shinde faction say that ever since he became the chief minister, he has been working non-stop, and working 16-18 hours a day has led to the problem of exhaustion. Even during the last week of the monsoon session, the health of the CM was not good, yet he was working continuously. A few days ago, there was a program of Bhoomi Pujan of Manora MLA residence in Mumbai, but the Chief Minister did not participate in the program due to ill health. Due to extreme exhaustion, it was advised that the Chief Minister take rest for a few days. Chief Minister Shinde's house is in Dare village of Maharashtra's Satara district, and he is resting there with his family.