Special / Child told Lalu Yadav is the Prime Minister of country with such a confidence

Zoom News : Jan 15, 2022, 08:55 AM
Reporter Child Video: Such a video of a child is going viral on social media, seeing that even the IPS officers have been surprised. In this video, the child is seen answering the questions of a reporter with great confidence. The child is seen answering with confidence, which the reporter is also surprised to hear.

Reporter asks question to the child

In the video, a reporter is seen asking the child some questions. At the same time, you will also be shocked to see the way the child is giving wrong answers to the questions in full confidence. The child takes the name of Lalu Yadav with great confidence as the Prime Minister of the country. The people standing there also enjoy hearing the funny answer of the child.

You too will burst into laughter after hearing the funny way in which the child answers the questions. In the video, you will see the child's confidence and say that as this child has knowledge of everything. First of all the reporter asked the child – which subject do you like better. On this the child heard 'vegetable'. After which the child replied – Brinjal. Hearing this answer, everyone starts laughing. watch video-

The child answers in a funny way

After this the reporter asked the child – do you remember any English PM? To this too the child gave a very funny answer. After this the reporter said to the child that do you feel like writing your studies? So in response the child says- 'Yes it seems.' Finally, the reporter asked the child the name of the Prime Minister of the country. After this the child first said that Nitish Kumar is the Prime Minister of the country.