World News / China has opened many secret police stations in America, when it came to know, even the FBI was shocked.

Zoom News : Nov 18, 2022, 11:19 AM
World News: America's Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the world's largest intelligence agency, has also been tricked by China's move. In fact, China has opened secret police stations in many cities of America. It is surprising that the FBI could not come to know about this... and now that it has come to know, the FBI has lost its senses as to how this could happen. Many other intelligence agencies of the world have also confirmed the opening of Chinese intelligence stations in America. This has created panic in Joe Biden's camp. After all, what is Chinese President Xi Jinping going to do in America, so that he has opened his secret police station in America.

FBI Director Christopher Ray has also lost his senses after receiving reports of secret Chinese police stations in America. He says that the FBI is investigating the presence of such stations in New York, which may violate sovereignty. He has said that the United States is deeply concerned about the Chinese government setting up unauthorized "police stations" in American cities. The FBI will now run a possible operation in this direction.

China's challenge to the FBI

By opening a secret police station in America, Chinese President Xi Jinping has directly challenged America's FBI and President Joe Biden. It is also a great threat to the security of America. The most surprising thing is that the FBI, which describes itself as the biggest intelligence agency in the world, also failed in front of this conspiracy of China. He did not know anything about this earlier and now when he came to know about it, he was shocked. It can also be guessed that Christopher Ray says "I am very concerned about this." Ray said in the US Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee hearing that we know about the existence of these stations He acknowledged the FBI's investigative work on the issue, but declined to provide details.

China violated sovereignty

Christopher Ray's outrageous to me to think that China would try to set up a police shop in New York without any coordination. This blatantly violates US sovereignty and bypasses standard judicial and law enforcement cooperation procedures. Republican Senator Rick Stock asked if such Chinese stations violate US laws? which Christopher said the FBI is looking into the legal parameters.

Not only America, China has also opened secret police stations in these countries

Safeguard Defenders, a Europe-based human rights organization, published a report in September that revealed the presence of dozens of Chinese police "service stations" in several major cities around the world, including New York. The report said these stations were an extension of Beijing's efforts to pressure some Chinese citizens or their relatives abroad to return to China to face criminal charges. It also linked him to the activities of the United Front Work Department of China. Along with this, it is also being said that the Communist Party of China is doing this to spread its influence and propaganda abroad and to gather intelligence there. Republicans in the US House of Representatives, including Greg Murphy and Mike Waltz, sent a letter to the Justice Department in October asking whether President Joe Biden's administration was investigating such stations, arguing they could be used to intimidate Chinese-Americans. can be done for China has not given any response regarding this.

What is the purpose of China

America is not the first country, where this case of opening of secret police station from China has come to the fore, before that such police stations were also opened in Netherlands. However, the Chinese Foreign Ministry then denied the existence of such stations in the Netherlands following an investigation by Dutch authorities. China said such offices were opened to help Chinese citizens renew documents. FBI Director Ray said the United States has made several indictments relating to the Chinese government harassing, stalking, monitoring and blackmailing people who disagree with Chinese leader Xi Jinping.

what will the fbi do next

Christopher Wray said that "It's a real problem and something we're talking about with our foreign partners as well, because we're not the only country where this has happened." dropped criminal charges in October accusing him of waging a surveillance and harassment campaign against a US resident and his family in an effort by the Chinese government to deport one of them back to China. It was the Justice Department's latest case, That targeted China's effort to track down people overseas whom Beijing calls criminal suspects, known as "Operation Fox Hunt".