Rajasthan / CM Gehlots final decision will not be REET exam again

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2021, 08:33 PM
Rajasthan Teacher Eligibility Test (REET) will not be held again. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has indicated this. He made it clear that if any complaint is received regarding the examination, the truth will be ascertained. If the discrepancy is confirmed, then the examination will be conducted at that center. Under the guise of this, call lakhs of people again, get them tested, it is not wise. This is beyond comprehension. Gehlot has made it clear whether it is a copy or a paper leak. He is not going to take the whole exam again.

Slogans of government zindabad are not being digested

Gehlot said in a conversation with a news agency- the people of Rajasthan have made history in REET. Still we have said that whether it is BJP's rule or Congress's rule. There are reports of paper outs. We have been very strict this time. The government official-employee had already declared the matter of sacking him from the job if he was found involved. The centers where copying was found, it was told to de-recognize such schools and take action. 15-17 lakh young students appeared in the examination. Free food and accommodation were arranged. This is not being digested by our opposition comrades. The young people who came to give REET raised slogans of Zindabad of the government, social workers, activists. This is not being digested by the opposition. That's why there are some people in the society who are provoking the youth.

crowd gathering is a bad practice

Gehlot said that 33 thousand youth will get jobs from this examination. This is a huge number. The opposition is instigating people who are not going to get their jobs. It is easy to provoke such people. Gehlot said that these days papers come from OMMR sheets. At the same time the unemployed student comes to know whether I will pass or fail. Those who know that my number is not going to come, it is easy to gather such people by berating them. This is not a good tradition.

we managed very well

Gehlot said if the recruitments stopped for a year or two. The matter went to the High Court-Supreme Court. Then trouble will come. This has happened before. We have had to withdraw the case from the Supreme Court many times. If this tradition continues, then I understand how the recruitment will take place in future. This opposition should understand not to make such a mistake. Even when BJP was in power, there have been paper outs many times. We have managed this entire process very well. Our point is to bring the truth before us first. We promise that no one will be spared.