India / Core management team to deal with coal crisis Ministry of Power is closely monitoring delhi

Zoom News : Oct 10, 2021, 07:04 AM
New Delhi: In view of the acute shortage of coal, a Core Management Team (CMT) has been constituted, which is closely monitoring and managing the coal stock every day. The Ministry of Power gave this information on Saturday. The Ministry of Power is ensuring necessary action with Coal India Limited and Railways to improve the supply of coal to power plants.

Coal Ministry gave this assurance

The Ministry of Power said, "Ministry of Coal and Coal India Limited have given assurance that they are trying to increase the limit of sending coal to the power sector by 1.6 metric tonnes per day in the next 3 days and this will be done." Efforts are being made to do 1.7 metric tonnes per day. This is likely to help build coal reserves in power plants in the near future.

Record high rise in coal price

In fact, the price of coal imported from abroad has jumped to a record level. Due to this the import of coal has come down. This is having an impact on coal-fired power plants.

Danger of power crisis in many states including Delhi

According to sources, due to the shortage of coal, the power crisis in many states including Delhi and Punjab is expected to become bigger. Many states of the country have received record rainfall this year. Due to which the supply of coal has been interrupted. As a result, coal-fired power plants are producing less than half of their capacity.