India / Corona daily growth rate is decreasing it came 12 percent from 56 percent in the third wave

Zoom News : Jan 11, 2022, 07:29 AM
New Delhi : The pace of corona in the country has slowed down a bit. There has been a declining trend in the growth rate of new infections for the last four days. It has remained stable at 12.5 per cent on Sunday and Monday. Health experts believe that based on the experiences of other countries, it is likely that the figures will gradually stabilize in the coming days, but the number of new cases will increase. After eight to ten days, the trend of real reduction in new infections can be seen.

The daily infections of corona in the country were at the lowest level on 28 December and 6358 new cases were registered on that day. But, on 29th it increased to 9195 and it increased by 45 percent. On 30, new infections were recorded 13154, which increased by 43 percent compared to December 29. 28 on 31 December, 36 on 1 January, 21 on 2 January, 22.5 on 3 January, 10 on 4 January, 55 on 5 January and a record 56.5 percent daily infections increased on 6 January. Then new infections had increased from 58097 to 90928. This was the biggest increase ever in the third wave.

According to health ministry data, a 29 per cent increase has been registered in new infections on January 7, as infections rose from 90928 to 117100. On January 8, it became 141986 and the increase was 21 percent. Whereas on 9 January the new infections were 159632 and on 10 January 179723. The growth rate was close to 12.5 per cent on both the days.

Trend of decrease in new infections in Mumbai

Meanwhile, there is a decreasing trend of new infections in Mumbai during the last two days. However, a Union Health Ministry official said that to arrive at any conclusion, we have to analyze the average data of seven days. Regarding the third wave of corona, experts have expressed the possibility of a rapid increase in infection and then a rapid decline. At the same time, it has also been feared that the third wave may cross the peak of the second wave as well. The peak of the first wave has already passed.

... then after a few days the speed will decrease

Professor Jugal Kishore, director of the community department of Vardhaman Mahaveer Medical College, said that the rapid pace of increase in corona cases has come down. This is a good sign for the coming days. If this rate remains stable then after a few days it will also start declining and there will be a real reduction in new infections.