Viral pneumonia / After Corona, now this new disease in China has increased the world's tension - created an outcry!

Zoom News : Nov 28, 2023, 07:59 AM
Viral pneumonia: China means mysterious disease, mysterious research and an environment that increases skepticism. Especially after the Corona epidemic, this stigma on China has become even stronger. Now a sudden outbreak of mysterious pneumonia is being seen in China. Like Corona, this disease has also spread rapidly. Mainly school children are affected by this disease. Many hospitals in China are filled with children suffering from pneumonia. This unknown disease has targeted children. It has been named 'avian influenza' and this virus has been named 'H9N2'. In short, flu, swine flu, corona and now this new 'avian influenza' is being given to the world by China. The new disease is also going to be as serious as Corona.

New variant of Corona found two months ago

Just two months ago, the outbreak of Corona virus was seen again in some countries. In America, the hospitalization rate of Corona patients had increased by 24 percent. A new variant of Corona named ‘Aris’ i.e. ‘EG.5.1’ was found in Britain. ‘Covid 19’ then ‘Omycron’ and then ‘Eris’, this has been the journey of Corona virus so far. It has already been known two months ago that due to the new incarnation of Corona 'BA2.86' being mixed in water, Corona infection can also happen through water. These warnings of Corona are not stopping and now the new 'Chinese disease' has increased the concern of the world.

WHO is just warning

As always, the World Health Organization has advised the world to take precautions. That is, the so-called global organizations are only beating the drums of ‘concern, warnings and suggestions’ about the new Chinese diseases. It is a clear fact that virtually all diseases are spreading from China. China's Wuhan laboratory, the viruses and biological research there, the deadly viruses born from it and their sub-variants are causing the world the threat of new diseases. Despite all this being self-evident, the so-called global health organizations can neither hold China accountable nor stop the spread of mysterious diseases originating from China. Not only health organizations, but also the countries that consider themselves a world superpower and rule over small countries and organizations like 'NATO' are seen bowing their tails in front of China's bullying. That is why China, suffering from expansionist ambitions, keeps pushing the world into some kind of crisis or the other.

The world is fighting diseases because of China

Earlier, the world had to face different crises due to the two superpowers America and Russia. Now the world is in trouble due to China's expansionist policy. Sometimes this crisis is of economic blockade, sometimes of infiltrating foreign territory and swallowing it, and sometimes of making the world vulnerable to deadly diseases. In fact, these diseases wreak havoc in China itself, but it has no effect on China's devious activities. The Corona epidemic that broke out across the world three years ago is a living example, which unnecessarily took the lives of millions of people. Now a new mysterious disease named Chinese Pneumonia has put the world on alert mode again. Only time will tell how dangerous this new virus will be, whether it will wreak havoc in the world or not, but the real question is about China's devious virus. Only when this virus gets bottled up will the world be saved from the ever increasing epidemic of new diseases.