Indian Railways / Demonstration of students spread from Bihar to UP, Railway Minister made this announcement to handle the situation

Zoom News : Jan 26, 2022, 05:29 PM
Ashwini Vaishnaw On Protest: The performance of students regarding the examinations of Railway Recruitment Board has spread in many areas of UP as well as Bihar. Along with Patna, candidates have also performed in Prayagraj, UP.

'Level-1 recruitments banned'

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw has appealed to the candidates to maintain peace and not damage railway property. The Railway Minister said in a press conference held in Delhi that in view of the opposition of the candidates, non-technical and level-1 examinations of Railway Recruitment Board have been banned. A committee has been constituted to hear the passed or failed candidates. This committee will report to the Ministry of Railways, after which further decision will be taken in the interest of the candidates.

'Committee set up to hear complaints'

The Railway Minister said that all the chairpersons of the Railway Recruitment Board have been asked to listen to the concerns of the students, compile them and send them to the committee. An email has also been issued for this purpose. On which the candidates can send their objections. This committee of Railways will go to different parts of the country and listen to the complaints of the candidates there.

'Considering the objections of the candidates'

Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said, 'It is a very difficult task to take such a large number of examinees in one go. Because of this, two levels of examination were done. If the candidates disagree on this, we are reconsidering it.

'Don't damage railway property'

Ashwini Vaishnaw appealed to the candidates and said, 'I would like to request my student friends that railways is your property. Take care of this property of yours. We will seriously look into all your complaints and points that have emerged so far. I urge you not to take the law into your own hands. We will take your complaints and concerns seriously.

Protest spread from Bihar to UP

Let us inform that the candidates are protesting against the alleged irregularities in the examinations of non-technical popular categories of Railways. Initially, in Patna, the candidates started protesting against the examination. After that this demonstration spread to Prayagraj in UP including different parts of Bihar. During this, the police also lathi-charged many candidates to handle the situation, due to which the situation worsened instead of coming under control.

Candidates set fire to the coach of MT train standing at the outer signal of Gaya railway junction in Bihar on Wednesday. Due to which there was loss of property worth crores of rupees to the Railways.