Bollywood / Did om puri rekha really got physical during kursi intimate scene during aastha shooting

Zoom News : Oct 06, 2022, 04:22 PM
Bollywood | Rekha is a strong actress, there is no doubt about it. He gave many hit films and memorable characters to Bollywood. Rekha also did many such roles which were not easy to shoot. Aastha, Kamasutra and Khiladi Ke Khiladi were his such films which were in discussion due to bold content. A scene from the film Aastha is still mentioned today. The film was released in 1997. Ompuri was with him in this. The film did not do anything special but the sex scene of Ompuri and Rekha was in the headlines. There were discussions in the gossip corridors that both the actors were so immersed in the scene that the chair was broken.

Actors were lost in the scene

In the film, Om Puri and Rekha were in the role of husband and wife. The movie also had intimate scenes between them. An intense scene of the film was very much discussed. There were many shocking reports about the shooting of this scene. According to these reports, Om Puri and Rekha were to do an intimate scene on the chair. During the shooting, both were so lost in the scene that the chair was on the verge of breaking. There were reports from the sets that the scene was very close to reality.

Rekha was forcibly kissed

The story of Rekha's another film Anjana has also remained in the headlines. At that time Rekha was 15 years old. His film came in 1969. Vishwajeet was opposite Rekha in the movie. There were reports that the director of the film Raja Nawathe had planned that Vishwajeet would kiss Rekha. Vishwajeet kept on forcibly kissing Rekha for 5 minutes by filling her arms. Meanwhile, the director did not say cut. The people of the unit present there kept on whistling. It is said that Rekha started crying. This scene was not part of the script but happened suddenly. Later, as the ruckus escalated, Vishwajeet had to explain that he had done so at the behest of the director.