Science / Due to global warming, the summer ice from the Arctic Ocean will disappear, the scientist claimed

Zoom News : Jun 16, 2021, 04:18 PM
Berlin: The loss from global warming to the world has now reached a level, which can not be corrected again. That is, we will now have to live with these changes and losses. This is to say that the scientific professor Marcus Rex, who has been operating the largest Arctic Expedition.

Summer snow

Professor Marcus Rex says, 'In the Arctic, the summer snow disappears from the sea that there has been a huge loss from global warming. In the coming decades, this snow will be disappeared from the summer season. ' Professor Rex has led the biggest journey of North Pole (North Pole) so far. There were 300 scientists from 20 countries in search travel. This trip had gone for 389 days and returned to Germany in October.

10 billion rupees spent in travel

This team of scientists has brought the evidence of many such hearts by the journey of the North Dhruv, which shows that summer snow will disappear from the Arctic Ocean only in a few decades. This team has brought 150 terabytes data and more than 1,000 samples of ice connected to the search with them. Tell that this discovery of global warming has been spent on 140 million euros (more than $ 165 million or 10 billion rupees) to know the losses.

The highest loss in 2020

Scientists say that the ice year of the Arctic Ocean has decreased the highest in the spring of 2020. That is, since the summer has a record of the reduction of sea snow, since then, more than 2020 decreased in 2020. Rex says, 'In these summer sea ice was halfway compared to the past decades.'