Dussehara 2022 / Dussehara ravan dahan protest by adiwasi sangthan

Zoom News : Oct 04, 2022, 10:16 PM
Dussehara 2022 | The preparations for Ravana are in full swing on Dussehra. At the same time, both the factions of Shiv Sena are preparing to show their strength on the Dussehra rally in Maharashtra. Meanwhile, an organization has opposed the burning of Ravana. This organization has demanded from the police that a case of atrocities should be registered against the person who burnt Ravana. This is the demand of the tribal rescue operations and organizations of Maharashtra. He has also submitted a memorandum to the police in this matter. Police officials have assured action as per rules.

The organization gave this argument

The organization has also given reasoning behind its demand. He mentioned in his memorandum that there are 352 temples of Ravana in Tamil Nadu. The biggest idol is in Madhya Pradesh. Ravana is worshiped by taking out a procession at Melghat in Chhattisgarh in Amravati district. According to the organization, Ravana is the place of worship and deity of primitive culture. At the same time, the evil practice and tradition of burning the revered king by the tribals continues in the country. This hurts the sentiments of the tribal community in the country. So no one should be allowed to burn Ravana and but this practice should be stopped permanently.

demand to stop the tradition

Significantly, the practice of burning Ravana has been going on for thousands of years. Every year the idol of Ravana is burnt on Dussehra as the victory of truth over falsehood. But this year tribal rescue operations and organizations in Maharashtra have opposed the practice. These organizations say that Ravana was a mine of various virtues. He was a music expert, a statesman, an outstanding sculptor, an Ayurvedacharya, a rationalist. In such a situation, burning the effigy of Ravana is like insulting him and his qualities.

tampering with history

The organization's statement said that Ravana was a just, just king who gave justice to all. Ravana was declared a villain by tampering with history. Also every year on Dussehra the idol of Ravana is burnt. The statement said that such a king was maligned in history. In fact, there will no longer be a mighty warrior like King Ravana.