PM Modi Egypt Visit / Egypt has never cared for Muslim countries before India, know why?

Zoom News : Jun 24, 2023, 01:59 PM
PM Modi Egypt Visit: Prime Minister Narendra Modi's visit to Egypt is being seen as a game-changer for the friendship between the two countries. This visit is taking place at a time when many changes are taking place in West Asia. Saudi Arabia and Iran have gone ahead. India's relations with many Muslim countries are not very sweet, yet Egypt has been serious about its close relationship with India. Even Egypt never supported Pakistan in front of India.

The last bilateral visit by an Indian Prime Minister to Egypt was in 1997. Then there were different types of equations on the world stage. After this, even though there was apathy in the relations between India and Egypt for a few years, but in the 1950s and 1960s, the relations between the two countries were much better. Away from the concern of Muslim countries, Egypt has always played friendship with India.

India and Egypt became friends during the Non-Aligned Movement

Diplomatic relations between India and Egypt have now completed 75 years. India and Egypt have been friendly since the country's first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. At that time there was power in the hands of President Gamal Abdul Nasser in Egypt. The foundation of friendship between the countries was laid during the Non-Aligned Movement. In 1955, both the countries came close to each other under the Friendship Treaty. Nassar Abdul had a good friendship with Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru.

Egypt has been a kind of leader country in the whole Arab world. But it is believed that the condition of education in Egypt is not good and it seeks help from India in this direction. The Suez Canal is also very important for India as it connects the Red Sea with the Indian Ocean and creates a trade route for Europe. Egypt also believes that friendship between the two countries is necessary today. Its effect can be seen in West Asia and Africa.

India-Egypt friendship increased in the Modi era

Today new end relations are developing between India and Egypt. It started again in the year 2022, when Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was invited as the chief guest on the occasion of Republic Day. He came to India for the second time. When there was a shortage of oxygen cylinders in India during the Corona period, Egypt had sent cylinders. And in 2022, India also sent 61,500 tonnes of wheat to Egypt.

In fact, Egypt has been buying wheat from Russia and Ukraine till now, but when there was a wheat crisis in Egypt due to the war, India helped it. In the last few years, trade as well as security cooperation between India and Egypt has increased. This time the agreements will benefit both the countries. Cultural cooperation between the two countries will increase and their products will also get a new market.

Talking to the media, Egyptian Ambassador Wail Mohammed Awad Hameed says – both the leaders are aware of modernization, industrialization, employment, development and environment in their respective countries. Egypt and India are both developing countries. We can strengthen each other's position on the international front.

Egypt hosted the COP27 summit in Sharm-El-Sheikh in November last year and India is now the chair of the G20. India has invited Egypt as the guest country during the presidency of the G20. COP27 was a very important project in terms of environment, under which the international community came in front of each other. And contemplated on the issue of dealing with environmental challenges. Now the coming of Egypt in G20 will be even more important for both the countries.

Egypt does not listen to Pakistan before India

Egypt has always stood by India on the issue of terrorism. The third meeting of the India-Egypt Working Group was held in February this year on the issue of terrorism. Both the countries agreed to chalk out a strategy to combat terrorism. Both consulted on the control of funding for terrorism. Even during this meeting, Egypt was neither concerned about Pakistan nor those Muslim countries which promote terrorism.

Ambassador of Egypt says – There is a crisis of religious authority in the whole world. Those who have not studied Islam in credible institutions and who do not know the high values of Islam always spread misconceptions about religion and religious values. This further deepens the crisis.

Egypt did not support Pakistan's proposal against India

In the Conference of Islamic Countries (OIC), Pakistan came up with a proposal against India, many Muslim countries stood with that proposal but Egypt refused to support Pakistan citing its old friendship with India. All the Muslim countries were attacking India regarding Nupur Sharma's comment on Prophet Mohammad, but Egypt did not make any comment. Pakistan's proposal in OIC fell when Egypt did not support it.

Although Egypt has not yet said anything clear about India's permanent membership in the United Nations Security Council because Egypt itself is not a permanent member and wants permanent membership. But Egypt has always stood with India in the Security Council on the issue of India and Pakistan. Whenever Pakistan raised the issue of Kashmir, Egypt always sided with India and placed itself in the line of anti-terrorists.

Why doesn't Egypt care about Muslim countries?

Countries like Turkey, Iran, Malaysia and Indonesia including Pakistan have not had very cordial relations with India. Egypt knows this very well. Despite this, Egypt has maintained friendship with India for a long time. Egypt has already made its stand clear regarding terrorism. Egypt says that Muslims involved in terrorist attacks do not represent Islam. Egypt looks to the future of its country and international relations instead of Islam.

Ambassador says – The priority of international trade for Egypt is related to the security of the Suez Canal and the Red Sea. He says that Egypt feels a cultural connection with India. India is the most populous country. Egypt also has 110 million people. Which is the largest population of this region.