PM Modi US Tour / Elon Musk met PM Modi, said - I am his fan, excited about the future of India

Zoom News : Jun 21, 2023, 07:58 AM
PM Modi US Tour: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has reached America. After reaching America, PM Modi has met many big personalities of America. Tesla CEO Elon Musk was also involved in this. After meeting with PM Modi, now the statement of Tesla CEO Elon Musk has come to the fore. In which he has said that he is very excited about the future of India. Along with this, he said that he is also a fan of PM Modi.

Musk said, India has more possibilities than any other big country in the world. PM Modi really cares about India. They are motivating us to invest in our country. We had a great meeting and I like him very much. PM Modi really has better thinking for India. They want to support companies to invest in India so that it benefits India. I am planning to come to India next year.

Let us inform that PM Modi reached America yesterday i.e. on Tuesday night according to Indian time. PM Modi was warmly welcomed at the airport as soon as he reached America. A large number of Indian Americans gathered at the New York airport to welcome PM Modi. After this, the phase of PM Modi's meeting with the big personalities of America started.

Apart from Musk, PM Modi met many investors

Apart from PM Modi Elon Musk and many other investors in New York. Met professors and scientists. After meeting the PM, essayist and statistician Professor Naseem Nicholas Taleb said that our meeting was wonderful. I have appreciated India for its preparations for Corona. Especially the efficiency with which India has dealt with Corona is commendable.

Warm welcome at New York Palace

After PM Modi reached the New York Palace from the airport, he was warmly welcomed by the people of the Indian community already waiting there. PM Modi also went among the people and greeted them. PM Modi will stay in America for four days. Where, he will have a bilateral meeting with US President Joe Biden. This visit of PM Modi is very important for India because during this time a defense agreement can be signed between the two countries.