Power Crisis In Maharashtra / Energy Minister said - only one and a half day coal is left in some plants, the central government should help

Vikrant Shekhawat : Apr 16, 2022, 09:24 AM
Maharashtra Energy Minister Nitin Raut on Friday claimed that the state is facing coal and power crisis as only 1.5 days of coal is left in some plants. However, the minister assured that the state government is doing everything possible to solve the power crisis. Raut said that some plants in Maharashtra have 1.5 days' coal left, some 3 days and some 6 days' coal. The state government is working to overcome the power crisis. The Water Resources Minister has been asked to supply water for hydroelectric power generation.

17 TMC water left in Koyna dam

17 TMC of water is left in Koyna dam, 1 TMC is needed every day to generate electricity. Coal, water and gas are needed if load shedding is to be addressed. As per the contract with the central government, they should provide APM gas to the state government. But before the help, the central government is asking for arrears.

Center asking to pay Rs 2200 crore arrears for coal

The Maharashtra minister further said that as per the contract with the Centre, the state is entitled to receive APM gas. He further claimed that the Center had not provided the required APM gas to the state, adding that coal, water and gas are needed if load-shedding is to be resolved. The Maharashtra government has to give Rs 2200 crore to the central government. The Center has told us to first give them money and only then they will give coal.