Special / Farmer heart broke after traveling 415KM got only 8 rupees 36 paise for 205 kg onion in mandi

Zoom News : Nov 30, 2022, 10:31 AM
Farmer Travels 415KM To Sell Onions: Sometimes such an incident happens with some people, when people hear about it, their eyes are left wide open. The farmer grows crops in his field with many months of hard work and hopes that when he sells his crop in the market, he will get a good price, but when he gets less money than expected, he breaks down. His faith in farming starts breaking. Something similar happened with a farmer when he went to the market to sell onions. A Gadag farmer got Rs 8.36 for selling 205 kg of onions in Bangalore's Yeshwanthpur market, whose receipt is now going viral on social media.

Farmer did not get the right price of onion

The distressed farmer shared this receipt on social media and showed people the result of his hard work. He warned his fellow farmers to think twice before transferring their goods to Bengaluru. The bill given by the wholesaler states that according to the slip cut on 22 November 2022, the price of onion in the market has gone up to Rs 200 per quintal. However, after deducting Rs 24 from coolie charges and Rs 377.64 for freight charges, he handed over Rs 8.36 to Pavadeppa Hallikeri, a farmer living in Timmapur village.

Only Rs 8.36 for 205 kg onions

Around 50 farmers from Gadag traveled 415 kilometers to sell their onions in the Yesvantpur market. They were disappointed that a few days ago the price was around Rs 500 per quintal, which has come down to Rs 200 per quintal. Farmer groups are protesting to the state government to ensure a fixed price for the farmers' produce. Pavadeppa told, 'Farmers of Pune and Tamil Nadu are getting good price because their crop is better. But still none of us expected the price to be so low.

The cost of so many thousand spent in selling onion

The farmer further told that he got only Rs.8 and spent more than Rs.25,000 for growing the crop and transporting it to the market. Many farmers like me are now disappointed. Yallappa Babri, head of Karnataka Rajya Raita Sangha Gadag district, said, “We have requested the state government to declare the minimum support price at the earliest as farmers have suffered losses this whole year due to incessant rains. If no decision is taken, we will protest in the first week of December.