Entertainment / Fat-shamers are crossing boundaries, involving my family: Rubina

Zoom News : Nov 26, 2021, 01:58 PM
Mumbai: Actor Rubina Dilaik is calling out people for fat shaming her, and has no intention to mince her words. She says it is okay to be on a little heavier side, and feels it is high time people accept it.

Recently, the actor took to social media to make a statement about it. She tells us, “We do get body shamed and age shamed, especially actresses. It’s sad, but the idea to post it is to tell others that don’t get pressured by these trolls and look for easy solutions”.

She shares that she was compelled to react only when the haters involved her family. “There are times when we need to tell people of their boundaries. I don’t react to their emails, and don’t even read comments. But when the haters start involving families, you need to…. They will tag my mom, father, husband, sisters, even my far-off cousins that tell Rubina that she is not working hard. She is looking old, has gained weight. Nobody has given you the right to reach out to them,” she says, adding. “It doesn’t matter to me, but somewhere my family gets bogged down”.

She goes on to reveal that she has been dealing with body shaming for a long time. “Earlier, I would beat myself up for gaining extra inches. Now, I have realised that I’m beautiful the way I am. And it is not coming from the place of complacency, ke meine bahut kuch achieve kar liya, ab toh mein jaise bhi dhikhun mujhe koi farak nahi padta,” admits the 34-year-old.

Instead, she is giving herself time to heal from the after effects of Covid. She contracted the virus in May this year.

“I’m recovering from an ailment. My body had gone through a lot of things during Covid. I was bedridden for a month. My body is healing. I need to show self love. And to all the trollers, I don’t care about them, but they need to stop crossing their boundaries. This is my life,” asserts the actor, who was last seen in music video of Shah Rukh Khan by Inder Chahal.

She continues, “You have to love yourself even with those few pounds, and bulges”.

Dilaik didn’t let it pull her down, because she is on a journey to getting better. “Covid took almost everything out of my discipline and the kind of health I had maintained, and the first thing to take the beating is your nails, skin, hair. Even today, I have a tremendous hair fall. But I am recovering. I have not given up. It is a part of life,” she says.

Blaming social media for distorted ideals of beauty, she says, “A beautiful face is botox lips, raised eyebrows, chiseled jawline, well shaped nose, lean torso, because of which girls are finding the shortest way. I want to voice out and let them know that your shape and size is a phase of your life. ‘Do not lose your internal light’,” expresses Dilaik.

She wraps up with a message for all, saying, “It’s okay to be on a little heavier side. Women are beautiful with extra pounds. So why can’t we just normalise this thing rather than having a concept of a fixed frame”.