Hitendra Pal / gangster who trapped 500 girls from 9 states

Zoom News : Nov 25, 2022, 08:47 AM
Hitendra Pal, the accused caught in the kidnapping case of two sisters in Jodhpur, turned out to be a gangster of Uttarakhand. He has more than 17 serious cases registered against him. His shocking confession is that he had killed Sant Dnyaneshwar with AK-47. Sant Dnyaneshwar was murdered in 2006.

Here, when the police searched his mobile and inquired, there were shocking revelations. Gangster Hitendra had made 9 state girls his friends on the app. He had around 500 girls in his friend list. Out of these, he made relations with 10 of them on the pretext of marriage.

Jodhpur DCP Amrita Duhan told that Hitendra told during interrogation that he used to trap disabled and ordinary girls or less beautiful looking girls. On the Ola Party Friendship app, he had created a fake ID named Ansh. Here he first befriended girls and then raped them on the pretext of marriage. Every time he used to hide his name and identity. He made absconding in many cities through fake ID and other documents. He used to do debauchery only on the money of girls.

debauchery with girls money

Hitendra Pal used to debauchery with their money by trapping the girls in his trap. He did not stay in any city for more than 15-20 days. He used to change his ID and identity. On social media, on the Ola Party app, he used to describe himself as a big businessman.

He had trapped the girls of the cities of Delhi, Assam, Bihar, Pune, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand in his trap. The criminal was so clever that he did not operate any SIM or bank account in his own name.

He used to take SIM from the ID of the girls with whom he used to befriend or make relation and used to open bank accounts. He used to call himself a big businessman. He had already told many girls that he has a big wood business. Used to bluff the girls that he would marry them and help them in every way.

Ola Party Friendship App Se Dosti

Hitendra had fled to Bhopal with two sisters from Jodhpur. He had also got fake documents made in which one was described as wife and the other as sister. When the Jodhpur police brought Uttarakhand gangster Hitendra Pal from Bhopal after arresting him, they made many revelations to him. DCP East Amrita Duhan told that on November 18, a father had lodged a case of missing of two daughters at Mata Ke Than, Jodhpur.

The father told that he has a 21 and a 16 year old daughter. She went somewhere on 16 November at 3 o'clock. When he investigated at his level, it came to light that his tenant Hitendra Pal (43) had eloped. Hitendra befriended his boy through the Ola Party Friendship app.

What is Saint Dnyaneshwar massacre

The most shocking thing is that the accused has said that he was involved in the Sant Dnyaneshwar murder and had committed the murder with AK 47. In fact, on February 10, 2006, while returning from Mahakumbh, Saint Dnyaneshwar's convoy was attacked in Hadiya, UP. Apart from Dnyaneshwar himself, disciples Neelam, Mithilesh, Puja, Pushpa, Ganga, Omprakash and Ramchandra were killed. Saint's brother Indradev nominated former MLA Chandrabhadra and chief Yashbhadra for these eight deaths. The names of Akhilesh Singh, Vijay Yadav, Dabbu Singh came up in the discussion. Dabbu was later killed in a police encounter.

When Yashbhadra, who was locked up in Allahabad, came for hearing, there was an attempt to bomb him in the court complex of Sultanpur. In this, Madan Kushwaha of Bahraich was arrested wearing a gunpowder belt. Former MLA Chandrabhadra Singh Sonu and chief Yashbhadra Singh Monu were bombed while going to appear in Allahabad, in which eight including Ram Sahay, witness of Sant Dnyaneshwar murder case, were named. When the case went on, all the people including former MLA Chandra Bhadra Singh Sonu and chief Yashbhadra Singh Monu were acquitted in Allahabad.

Involved in the murder of the saint or the manager, subject of investigation

Hitendra himself confessed that he has more than 17 criminal cases registered against him. It was also told that he had killed Sant Dnyaneshwar in Barabanki with AK-47. The police is verifying the matter with the Barabanki police. Actually Dnyaneshwar was murdered in Hadiya, UP. While the accused has spoken of murder in Barabanki. While Ram Sahay Singh, the manager of Sant Dnyaneshwar was killed in Barabanki 8 years ago.

8 years ago, Ram Sahay Singh, the manager of Sant Dnyaneshwar Ashram located in Raisda area of ​​Kothi police station area in Barabanki, UP, was shot dead. He was also the successor of Saint Dnyaneshwar. After Saint Dnyaneshwar and his murder, the manager had a dispute with Sultanpur's Bahubali former MLA Chandrabhadra and Chief Yashbhadra (Sonu-Monu).

Some miscreants had entered the ashram of Saint Dnyaneshwar with weapons. He escaped after firing rapidly on the manager Ram Sahai Singh.

First murder at the age of 22

Uttarakhand's most wanted hardcore criminal Hitendra Pal had committed the first murder at the age of 22. Hitendra Pal Gadaria, a resident of Kashipur in Udham Singh Nagar, Uttarakhand, used to play badminton. Murdered in 2003 after a dispute with badminton player Manoj Tiwari at Kashipur Stadium.

In 2005, while serving his sentence in jail, he got into a fight with gang leader Mintu Chowdhary. Hitendra killed Mintu's brother Khanduri. Mintu's gang attacks Hitendra in police custody to take revenge. Hitendra got two bullets. Both had passed through the body but the treatment saved his life. The marks of these bullets are still on Hitendra's body.

mother's place was Nadhikari Raju Ram Bamania told that on November 18, as soon as information was received in the night that two sisters had been kidnapped. Messaged the DCP at one o'clock in the night and the team became active at 8 in the morning and in 3 days the accused was caught and both the girls were rescued and handed over to their families.

On the instructions of Police Commissioner Ravidutt Gaur, DCP Amrita Duhan, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Nazim Ali, Nishant Bhardwaj, Mata Ka Than SHO Rajuram Bamania, DST former in-charge Dinesh Dangi's team disclosed the matter.