Rajasthan / Girl crying and threatening to ruin her by making obscene comments on the phone

Zoom News : Oct 16, 2021, 08:57 PM
She reached the Nirbhaya team of Jaipur Police Commissionerate crying and said that she makes obscene comments on the phone and threatens to ruin her. After this, the police took action and handed over the youth to the police.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Sunita Meena said that the constables Karma and Lalita of Nirbhaya team have taken action against two miscreants today. He told that the team found a woman crying today. When asked the reason for crying from the woman, she told that a boy harassed me by calling. Blackmails me that if you do not talk to me on the phone, then I will ruin you. I will make your video viral, I will tell everything to your husband. On this, the Nirbhaya team called the girl and called the boy to the Rose Garden. As soon as the boy Manish came, the team caught him and handed him over to Chetak of Shiprapath police station.

was making dirty comments

Similarly, in the second action, women complained to the Nirbhaya team in Woodland Park. It was told that this boy follows us and stops where we sit and is making obscene comments by making dirty gestures towards us. The team asked the boy why are you commenting on women? The boy got furious at this and started saying what do you mean? On this, the Nirbhaya team present in the civil dress introduced themselves, then they started apologizing, but the women said that this boy is not worth apologizing. It has been commenting for too long and doing obscene acts. On this the boy Monu was handed over to the Chetak of the Shiprapath police station and got it closed under section 151.