Maharashtra News / Girl's headless dead body found in bag, Damru-Trishul and Om mark on hand

Zoom News : Jun 02, 2023, 06:06 PM
Maharashtra News: A headless dead body of a girl has been found in a travel bag on the beach in Uttan area west of Bhayandar, Maharashtra. Two parts of the girl's body have been made. The police recovered the body at around 8:00 am on Friday. According to the police, the girl found in Uttan was not only beheaded, but her body was also cut into two. The girl's feet were tied. Make-up kit in bag and Damru Trishul and Raksha tied on hand.

According to the police, the body of a 20- to 25-year-old woman found in Uttan was beheaded, along with the body was also cut into two parts, and the body was thrown in a bag. The girl's leg is tied with a rope. Om is written on the right hand of the girl. Tattoo of Trishul and Damru has been made. Red colored raksha is also tied on the right hand. There is a white bracelet in the left hand, due to which it is being speculated that the girl is a Hindu.

Police registered a case of murder, not identified

The girl is wearing a chocolate colored half T-shirt with BE YOURSELF written on it. Apart from this, the girl is wearing half pants. According to the police, the dead body of the girl was found around 8 am. Uttan police have registered a case of murder in this case. The identity of the girl has not been established till the news is written.