Hardik Pandya News / Hardik returned after 4 months, got command of this team before IPL

Zoom News : Feb 26, 2024, 07:15 PM
Hardik Pandya News: Hardik Pandya is a player whose career has been spent more in the National Cricket Academy than on the cricket field. This player has a lot to do with injuries. But still everyone waits for Hardik's return. Hardik is a player who knows fast bowling along with fast batting. That means a fast bowling all-rounder. Everyone knows that if Hardik remains standing even for 5-10 overs then even a lost match can be overturned. We have very few players with the ability like Hardik. Recently, Hardik was injured during a match of the World Cup 2023 and he was not seen again in the entire tournament. After that, Team India played many more series, but Hardik remained out and spent all his time on his recovery. However, now this player has once again returned to the cricket field after several months.

Hardik's return to the field

Hardik Pandya has once again returned to the cricket field. Hardik is currently playing in the DY Patil T20 tournament. Hardik is captaining the Reliance-1 team in this tournament. This team is facing competition from Bharat Petroleum in the first match. In October 2023, Hardik was injured in a match during the World Cup. Hardik had an injury in his ankle. After which this player was continuously working on his recovery. Meanwhile, Hardik left Gujarat Titans team and joined Mumbai Indians. And he was also handed over the captaincy of Mumbai. Now Hardik will be seen playing again in IPL 2024 itself.

Hardik's old relationship with injuries

This series of injuries has not started yet. Hardik has a long relationship with injuries. First of all, Hardik had a lower back issue in the middle of the 2018 Asia Cup. Later it was found that he had a stress fracture. Hardik was out of the team. But this player returned again in IPL 2019. After playing for some time, he underwent back surgery in October of the same year. There was news that Hardik had some problem in his back again.

Missed several consecutive matches

Due to this back issue, Hardik has missed most of the international matches between 2019 and 2023. From 2019 World Cup to 2023 World Cup, Team India played a total of 66 ODI matches. But meanwhile Hardik was present in only 28 matches. Hardik's attendance during this period was less than 50 percent. The story is the same in T20 also. Hardik played the entire IPL season of 2020 and 2021. But in the very first match against Pakistan in the T20 World Cup 2021, he gets a shoulder injury. After which this player took a long break. And then months later, he returned to Gujarat Titans team as captain in IPL 2022. The team also won the title and reached the finals in the next year i.e. 2023. It seemed that Hardik has now overcome the danger of his injury. But in the World Cup he again gets an ankle injury and Hardik is away from action again.