Maharashtra News / Heartbreaking incident in Chandrapur, Maharashtra - 'played football' by beheading

Zoom News : Nov 08, 2022, 07:10 PM
Maharashtra News: In Chandrapur, Maharashtra, mutual enmity was avenged in such a way that no one can even imagine. First the youth was killed with a sharp weapon and later his head beheaded. Not only this, football was also played with that head for a long time. This horrific incident is of Durgapur town of Chandrapur district.

Learn about the case in detail

Last night on Durgapur Main Road, a 35-year-old youth Mahesh Meshram was murdered by 10 to 15 accused due to old enmity. These accused first beat up Mahesh and then beheaded him. Mahesh Meshram's body was lying in a pool of blood on the road while the head was 50 meters away from the body. After killing this young man, the accused did not stop here, but started playing Mahesh's head with his feet like a football on the road. Some of the eyewitnesses present there also saw this massacre.

The surprising thing is that the local police is only a short distance away from where this murder was done. Due to this the anger of the local people is also against the police and administration. Recently many cases were also registered against the deceased Mahesh but he was released from jail. Chandrapur police is investigating what led to the dispute between the accused and the deceased.

In this case, Durgapur police arrested 2 accused while the search for 7 to 8 people is going on.