Horoscope 3 may 2021 / How will the effect of Chandra Shani Yoga impact on the zodiac, see what the stars of luck say

Zoom News : May 04, 2021, 08:14 AM

On Monday, 3 May, the Moon is communicating day and night in Capricorn. Saturn will also sit with Moon in this zodiac sign. Sun and Venus will be in Aries while Mercury and Rahu will transit in Taurus. To know how today's day will be for you by this combination of planets, see today's horoscope…

Today will be spent in philanthropy, you will also get mental peace. There may be some changes in your favor in the field also, due to this, the mood of your colleagues may get disturbed. But you will be able to normalize the atmosphere with your good behavior. Some people today may be worried about the health of the spouse or any other problem related to them. Lucky Score: 53%


Today will be a pleasant day with the families. Good luck will be available till noon, delightful good news will also be available. There is a need to be health conscious. The arrival of a long-awaited guest in the evening can bring happiness. Your honor will be increased by joining any mangal work in the night. Destiny score: 62 percent


By the blessings of the father and by the grace of the high officials, the desire to get any valuable thing or property will be fulfilled today. Engagement will be more, avoid wasteful expenditure. Use caution in the use of fast moving vehicles from evening to night. Darshan of dear and great men will boost morale. Will get support from spouse, any wish can be fulfilled. Lucky score: 66 percent


On the best position of the zodiac owner and the eighth position of Jupiter on the zodiac, the cruises will strengthen the position of the fund by accidentally receiving a large amount of money. Business plans will gain momentum. There will be an increase in the prestige of the state. A decision taken in haste and sentimentality can lead to remorse later. Take advantage of Dev Darshan from evening till late night. Lucky Score: 61%


There will be untimely success in the political field. Liability towards children will also be fulfilled. Will advance in the field of competition. Stopped work will also be completed. There is also a possibility of slow digestion and eye disorders. The time from evening to night will be spent in the sight and humor of loved ones. Take special care of food and drink. Lucky Score: 63%


Mercury, the lord of the zodiac, is communicating in the ninth triangle house today. Consequently, there will be happiness in the mind due to the expenditure of money on the service and virtuous works of the elderly. You will remain a headache for opponents. Couple will be happy in life. The time from evening to night will be spent in the sight and humor of loved ones. Take special care of food and drink. Lucky Score: 63%


Today, the achievement of special achievement in the field of education and competition. New sources of income will be created. Your style of conversation will bring you special respect. Due to excessive running time, adverse weather effects can be on health, be careful. Will get adequate amount of support and companionship of life-partner. The condition of travel, travel will be pleasant and beneficial. Lucky Score: 77%


Today, your financial side will become stronger, wealth, honor, fame and fame will increase. Stopped work will be proved. Will meet loved ones. Not keeping restraint on speech can lead to adverse situations. It would be heartening to meet loved ones in the evening. Apart from this, you will get the opportunity to enjoy the fun, jog and night. Lucky score: 70 percent


Today money will be spent on household utilities. Means of worldly pleasure will increase. Stress may increase due to a subordinate employee or a relative. Be careful in transactions, money can get trapped. State, court-court may have to travel during the day. However, you will get success in this. People will try to trouble you but today the conspiracy against you will fail. Lucky Score: 56%


Today it will be a pleasure to have favorable benefits of mind in the commercial sector. The economic situation will be stronger than before. Business transformation is being planned. Success and family responsibilities will be fulfilled in the competitive examination. In the evening, the context of traveling to religious places will prevail and be postponed. Use caution in vehicle use, expenses may increase due to accidental vehicle failure. Destiny score: 72 percent


Due to the illusory position of the zodiac lord Saturn, the wife may accidentally run away due to body pain and may incur more expenses. At the time of purchase and sale of a property, consider all the legal aspects of the property before it. In the evening, the health of the wife will improve - it will take time to become fully healthy. Lucky Score: 53%


Marital life will be enjoyable. Today, there can also be close and far-sighted travel. The growing progress in the business will be heartening. Students will get rid of mental intellectual load. Any important information can be found during the evening hours. Your mind will also be relaxed. Parental advice and blessings will prove useful. Lucky Score: 55%