Rahul Gandhi in US / In America, Rahul Gandhi called Muslim League a secular party, BJP said – it is Jinnah's party

Zoom News : Jun 02, 2023, 07:58 AM
Rahul Gandhi in US: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi is on American tour. During this, he is addressing the people and students of the Indian community. A day ago, Rahul reached the famous Stanford University in the US. Here he met the students and answered their questions. Rahul asked many questions to the students including China, Russia, Ukraine. Rahul accused the government of capturing independent institutions. Today Rahul Gandhi reached National Press Club in Washington DC. Here he answered many questions.

Rahul Gandhi was asked a question regarding the Muslim League. The question was asked by an American journalist that the Congress is in alliance with the Muslim League in Kerala. What would you say about this? Rahul Gandhi replied that Muslim League is a secular party. There is nothing in this party that would call it non-secular. At the same time, BJP has retaliated on this. BJP IT Cell Chief Amit Malviya said that the country got divided because of Jinnah's party Muslim League and they are saying that it is a secular party.

Congress and Muslim League alliance in Kerala

There is an alliance between the Muslim League and the Congress in Kerala. Apart from this, Rahul Gandhi won the election from the Wayanad seat of Kerala itself. However, his Lok Sabha membership has been cancelled. In response to a question, Rahul Gandhi said that the opposition is uniting very well. More parties will come together in the future. We are talking to all opposition parties. Rahul said that good work is being done in uniting the opposition parties. It is also a bit difficult because we all stand in a place where we are competing.

Opposition unity strong: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi said that his membership of Parliament was taken away under the pressure of the government. Their freedom of speech is being curtailed. Constitutional bodies are not doing their work, their phones are being tapped. Expressing contradiction in his own allegations, he said on one hand that the opposition is being destroyed. Along with this, it was also told that the opposition unity is getting stronger.

How united is the opposition in India and why is Congress not supporting Kejriwal on the ordinance issue. Rahul Gandhi said that 'this is a discussion within the party which is going on. The opposition is well united and I feel that unity is getting stronger. We are talking with the entire opposition. There is a lot of good work going on. This is a complex debate because in many places we are fighting against each other, so compromise is needed. I believe it will happen.

'United opposition will defeat BJP', says Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi is constantly talking about opposition unity, but when he was asked whether he would accept the leadership of any other party, Rahul deferred the answer to Mallikarjun Kharge. Rahul Gandhi when asked that if the Congress does not lead the opposition, will it continue to be a part of it? To this Rahul Gandhi replied that 'these questions should be asked to the Congress President as he takes the decision'. I think Congress will do very well in the next elections, will surprise people. Because a hidden wave is being created, we will startle people. I do not agree that Narendra Modi is winning this election completely, it is not as easy as people are thinking. If you do the calculations, a united opposition will defeat the BJP.

Rahul hesitated on the question asked on Modi's popularity

Sitting in Washington, Rahul Gandhi is claiming to defeat Narendra Modi, but the American media from Delhi to Washington also knows how popular PM Modi is and when Rahul was questioned on this very popularity of Modi, he hesitated. He was asked that Modi is very popular all over the world. Why do you think the people of India support the Modi government?

Rahul Gandhi responded by saying that 'institutions in the country have been captured'. The press has been captured. I don't believe everything I hear. I have traveled all over India. I have traveled from Kanyakumari to Kashmir. Have spoken directly to lakhs of Indians. I did not find those people happy and they were very unhappy with unemployment and inflation. People were angry. Look at the Karnataka elections. And wait for the elections of three to four states. He will know what is going to happen.

'I got maximum punishment for defamation, lost my MP'

Earlier, at Stanford University in California, Rahul had also said that his membership of Parliament was not lost but taken away. I heard that I was introduced that I was a member of Parliament till a few days ago. I think when I started politics in 2004, I did not even imagine that what is happening in our country today would happen like that. This was beyond my imagination. I am the first person who was given maximum punishment in defamation case, after which my parliament membership was terminated. I didn't imagine that this was even possible.

On paying obeisance to Sengol, Rahul said this for PM Modi

Rahul again made fun of PM Modi on American soil. At the time of the establishment of Sengol in Parliament, PM Modi had bowed down. Rahul made fun of PM Modi's prostrate and said that 'he does not prostrate in front of anyone'. I think this is to divert attention in the Parliament House. The real issues in India are unemployment, inflation, increasing anger and hatred, collapsing education system, expensive treatment and studies, these are the real issues. BJP cannot talk on these issues, that's why it creates spectacles like Sengol. However, BJP has attacked this statement of Rahul Gandhi. BJP has attacked this statement of Rahul Gandhi. Social media was flooded with videos of Rahul Gandhi visiting different temples on the occasion of elections and offering obeisances.