100 years of DU / In the centenary year celebrations, the Vice President said- Elementary education should be done in mother tongue

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 02, 2022, 09:27 AM
Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu has said that the primary education of the child should be in the mother tongue. Indian education system should also pay attention to our culture. If a child is given elementary education in the mother tongue, then they will be able to understand it easily.

If given in another language, they must first learn the language and then they will understand. Education plays an important role in human development, nation building and ensuring sustainable global prosperity. The Vice President was speaking as the Chief Guest at the Centenary Year Celebrations of Delhi University on Sunday. During this, Union Minister for Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan and DU Vice Chancellor Prof. Yogesh Singh was also present.

Naidu also referred to Prime Minister Narendra Modi's remarks, in which Modi talked about the need for local languages ​​in courts. The Vice President said that why only the courts, it should be implemented everywhere. The local language should be the basic medium of behavior and action.

Every gazette notification and government order should be in the local language, which can be understood by the general public. He urged the universities to find new solutions to the issues facing the nation. Research and research should aim at making people's lives happier and easier. India has the largest youth power in the world and our manpower should be used for nation building. New Education Policy 2020 is a visionary policy which will ensure a radical change in the education scenario of the country.

We have to be job creators: Pradhan

Union Minister for Education and Skill Development and Entrepreneurship Dharmendra Pradhan as the special guest of the function said that only the names of ancient universities are in front of us, but there are very few institutions in the country who have completed 100 years of age, in which Delhi University is also one. .

Describing DU as a vibrant university, he said that the history of our independence has been associated with this institution. Shaheed Bhagat spent a night in this institution. Mahatma Gandhi stayed in its St. Stephen's College. Pradhan said that in future we will have to become job creators and not job seekers and DU will play an important role in this.

DU is celebrating its centenary year in the nectar of the country, when the country will celebrate 100 years of its independence, then DU will be celebrating 125 years of its establishment. DU will have to do a lot in the field of research in the next 25 years. Appreciating DU, he said that DU has been the first to adopt the National Education Policy 2020 in the country and has also taken initiative in implementing Single Entrance Test for Central Universities. He also called upon DU to contribute for the new curriculum in the country. He said that the new education policy will connect India's education with its roots and establish the Indian model of education at the global level.

DU has become the world's most prestigious institution: Vice Chancellor

Delhi University Vice Chancellor Prof. Yogesh Singh threw light on the golden history of 100 years from the legal procedures for the establishment of DU. He said that this university, which started on May 1, 1922 with 750 students and only three colleges, has become a prestigious institution in the world. Now there are six lakh six thousand 228 students, 91 colleges and thousands of teachers in DU. This university, which started with a budget of 40 thousand, has reached a budget of more than 838 crores today.

During the ceremony, Chief Post Master General of Delhi Division of Indian Postal Department Manju Kumar, Dean of College Prof. Balram Pani, South Campus Director Prof. Prakash Singh, Registrar Dr. Vikas Gupta, Convener of the Ceremony Committee, Prof. Neera Agnimitra, Proctor Prof. Rajni Abbi and other dignitaries were present.

Due to the pressure of the students, there was an attempt to split DU.

Delhi University is the largest regular institution in terms of student enrollment. At present about seven and a half lakh students are enrolled in it. It is one of the largest regular universities in India in terms of student enrollment, but in the early 1960s the stress of handling some 25,000 students was so great that attempts were made to split it into two separate universities. was done.

It would be surprising to know that a bill for this was also introduced in the Parliament by the then Education Minister MC Chagla. Chagla wanted the new university to be named after Pandit Nehru (the then prime minister), but Nehru objected to naming the institution after a living person. So he suggested that the new university be named Raisina. The Bill was later referred to a Select Committee in April-May 1964. When Pandit Nehru died in 1967, the select committee became more committed to name the proposed university after him.

However, later it emerged that if Nehru's name was to be actually implemented, it would have been better to have a new university and one dedicated to his ideas. It is not right to add Nehru ji's name to the existing university. Many others were also not supporters of this idea. He was not very enthusiastic about the idea of ​​severing ties with Delhi University out of prestige or a sense of belonging. Thus the partition was averted. - Report based on conversations with Chandrachud Singh, Associate Professor, Department of Political Science (Hindu College).

Kritika, a student of Gargi College who created the logo, honored

Kritika, who designed the logo for the centenary year of Delhi University (DU), was felicitated by Vice President M. Venkaiah Naidu on Sunday. He was given a coin of Rs 100 as a mark of respect. Kritika has achieved this honor by leaving behind 315 contestants.

Originally from Kota, Rajasthan, Kritika is a student of BA program from DU's Gargi College. He said that in November last year, a competition was organized for the people of DU's centenary year. For this, 315 participants prepared the logo. However, at one stage, Kritika's logo was very much liked by the DU administration. Regarding this, he came to know in March that he has been finally selected.

Kritika told that when she came to know that the Vice President would honor her at the centenary celebrations, her happiness knew no bounds. Kritika was invited along with her parents to the function on Monday, where she was honored with a DU coin of Rs 100.