India / Indian airforce gets light combat helicopters very useful in pak china border

Zoom News : Oct 03, 2022, 02:21 PM
New Delhi : The country's first indigenous aircraft has been added to the Indian Air Force's fleet today. The first batch of 10 Light Combat Helicopters has joined the Air Force. This fleet of aircraft will not only increase the strength of the Indian force, but will also be able to eliminate the enemy on the borders of Pakistan and China. With the help of these light-weight aircraft, the army will be able to easily carry missiles and other weapons on the borders and eliminate the enemy in an instant. These aircraft are designed for special operation in high altitude areas.

Under the chairmanship of Defense Minister Rajnath Singh and in the presence of Chief of the Air Staff, Air Chief Marshal VR Choudhary, the fleet of aircraft joined the Air Force at Jodhpur. These special types of aircraft have been developed by aerospace major Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL). These are primarily designed for deployment in high altitude areas. This is the reason that these indigenous fighter jets will be used on the borders even in those places where fighter jets cannot be used.

Enemy elimination on the border

Air Force officials say that the LCH 'Advance Light Helicopter' bears resemblance to Dhruv. It has several 'stealth' (radar evasion) features, armored security systems, night attack and emergency landing capability. With this specialty, this state-of-the-art aircraft is adept at eliminating the enemy in the dark of night without knowing it.

10 will be in the Air Force and 5 will be in the army fleet

Officials said the 5.8-tonne twin-engined Light Combat Helicopters have already completed firing trials from various weapons. Earlier in March, Prime Minister Narendra Modi-led Cabinet Committee on Security (CCS) had approved procurement of 15 indigenously developed Limited Series Production (LSP) LCHs at a cost of Rs 3,887 crore. The Defense Ministry has informed that 10 helicopters will be for the Indian Air Force and five for the Indian Army.

According to officials, these indigenous helicopters have many features which can give a lot of assistance to the army during the war. Enemy Search and Self Defense (CSAR), Destroy Enemy Air Defense (DEAD) and Anti-Terrorist (CI) operations are among its strengths. These helicopters can be deployed for high-altitude bunker-busting operations, counter-insurgency operations in jungles and urban environments as well as assisting ground forces.