India vs Pakistan / India-Pakistan football match fight - see VIDEO

Zoom News : Jun 22, 2023, 08:07 AM
India vs Pakistan: Irrespective of the playing field, India and Pakistan will face each other, so apart from their performance, there is bound to be a lot more to see. Something similar was seen in Bengaluru as well, where there was a standoff between the two teams during the football match. India's head coach Igor Stimac opposed the throw-in of Pakistani player Abdullah Iqbal, after which a brawl broke out in the match. When this ruckus broke out in the match, India was ahead of Pakistan by 2-0 and the match was in the last moments of its first half. Now Pakistan was seeing its defeat. How would Pak players like opposing the Indian coach from above? So he got into a scuffle with Igor Stimac.

Pakistani players brawl with Indian coach

Pakistani defender Abdullah Iqbal was about to throw in that India's head coach went near him and hit the ball. After the uproar that ensued, in the pictures that surfaced, you can see the Pakistani players jostling with the Indian coach.

Indian players came and intervened

Seeing the Pakistani players getting aggressive on their coach, where were the Indian players going to sit silent. He immediately came to the rescue of his coach. By becoming a shield for them, the skirmish worked to separate the Pakistani players from their coach.

Indo-Pak coach got punishment

Now, at whatever level such clash or fight may be, tolerating it is like promoting it. And then it was an international football match. It was a SAFF Championship match, in which not only India-Pakistan but teams from 8 countries play. Therefore, punishment had to be meted out. After the brawl in the LIVE match, India's head coach was shown a red card and Pakistan's coach was shown a yellow card.

Let us tell you that India defeated Pakistan 4-0 in the football match. With this match, both the teams have also started their campaign in the SAFF Championship.