Gautam Adani News / Infrastructure will play a big role in shaping India's future - Gautam Adani

Vikrant Shekhawat : Jun 19, 2024, 03:15 PM
Gautam Adani News: Adani Group Chairman, Gautam Adani on Wednesday said at the 'Infrastructure - Catalyst for India's Future' event organized by Crisil that the role of infrastructure is extremely important in the country's economy. He said that infrastructure will play a big role in shaping India's future in the times to come. Adani said that it is said that the stories of yesterday are the blueprint for tomorrow. I am saying this because we just have to look back that the most influential times in the history of a country have been when they dominated the infrastructure landscape.

India's infrastructure industry is going through an amazing transformation

According to the news, Adani said that infrastructure is fundamental to any strong economy. I can say with great confidence that today when we stand here, India's infrastructure industry is going through an amazing transformation, the impact of which we will be able to fully understand when we look back after a decade. We have launched an infrastructure capital expenditure cycle never seen before, and it lays the foundation for many decades of India's growth. And it starts with the quality of governance.

Our GDP grew 14 times in the last three decades

He said that in the three decades before the economic liberalization era of 1991, Indian GDP grew 7 times, while in the three decades after liberalization, our GDP grew 14 times. There can be no better validation of the power of liberalization than these results. During the license Raj, India's business landscape was dominated by a few established business houses, who navigated the heavily regulated environment by developing strong ties with the government. They strictly managed the licensing requirements.

We have achieved a lot in 30 years

Gautam Adani said that we have achieved a lot in the last 30 years. We became the world's second largest solar energy company. We have India's largest airport operator, which has a 25% share in passenger traffic and 40% share in air cargo. It is also India's largest port and logistics company, with a national market share of 30%. It is India's largest integrated energy company, spanning generation, transmission and distribution, LNG and LPG terminals and urban gas and piped gas distribution. We are India's second largest cement manufacturer. Apart from this, we have also moved forward in many other new areas including metals, petrochemicals, aerospace and defense, super apps and industrial cloud.

The company will invest more than $ 100 billion in this

Adani said that over the next decade we will invest more than $ 100 billion in the field of energy transformation and further expand our integrated renewable energy value chain, which today extends to the manufacturing of every key component required for green energy production. We believe that we will produce the least expensive green electrons in the world, which will become a feedstock for many sectors that will have to meet the sustainability mandate.