World News / Is China going to create a storm in the sea? Everyone is surprised by Jinping's decision

Zoom News : Dec 31, 2023, 01:00 PM
World News: Chinese President Xi Jinping has changed his Defense Minister. In China, a new Defense Minister has been appointed by replacing the old one. He who was till now the Chief of the Chinese Navy, has been made the Defense Minister of China. After which questions are being raised that why did Jinping decide to make the Navy Chief the Defense Minister? What is their motive behind this? The answer to this question comes from the pages of history.

Before becoming Navy Chief, Dong had been the Deputy Commander of China's Southern Theater Command. The Southern Theater Command is the part of the Chinese Navy that is responsible for security around the South China Sea and Taiwan Strait. This means that Dong Jun is an expert on Taiwan and China Sea. That is why Jinping has made him the Defense Minister.

Big task assigned regarding South China Sea

It is being told that Jinping might have assigned a big task to Dong from Taiwan to South China Sea. So the question is, is China going to attack Taiwan as soon as Dong becomes the Defense Minister? Is the appointment of the new Defense Minister a preparation for this? The question is also what is China's plan in the South China Sea. What are China's goals in the sea? Is the dragon going to start destruction from the Blue Zone? These are the questions whose answer is going to be available soon.

The tension between China and Taiwan is not hidden from anyone. The Chinese government considers Taiwan as its part and has made this claim not once but repeatedly. Taiwan on the other hand does not listen to China at all. Even if China tries to wink, Taiwan gives a befitting reply.

What is the South China Sea dispute?

On the other hand, China wants to establish its dominance in the South China Sea. There is dispute over areas like Indonesia, Malaysia, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Taiwan etc. in the South China Sea. In recent years, military exercises by China have also been seen in this area. China has its eyes set on the South China Sea because it is considered one of the busiest waterways in the world. This is the reason why China wants to establish its dominance in this area.