Bollywood / Javed akhtar controversial statement never ending debate for muslim women common civil code

Zoom News : Dec 06, 2022, 05:30 PM
Controversial Statement: Javed Akhtar is known for speaking his mind out loud. But sometimes this thing also becomes heavy on them. As if his one statement has started a war once again. Let us tell you that this controversial statement was given while talking about the Common Civil Code.

Explained the meaning of Common Civil Code

Explaining the meaning of Common Civil Code in an interview, Javed Akhtar said that I have a son and a daughter. If I have to give away my property, I will do it in two equal parts. Javed Akhtar further said that the Common Civil Code is not only meant to be a law for all communities but also for men and women.

Women also got the right to have more than one husband!

Where Javed Akhtar wins the hearts of people because of his words, on the other hand, many times his words go away by ripping people's hearts. In fact, during this, Javed said that if men have been given the right to have more than one wife, then women should also have the right to have more than one husband. If it is not so then how did this equality happen. After this statement, some people have also talked about raising their voice against Javed Akhtar.

Fierce uproar on social media

After this statement of Javed, there is a lot of ruckus on social media. Expressing strong objection to this statement of the author, many people have also demanded an apology. Saif Abbas Naqvi has termed this statement of Javed Akhtar as shameful. However, many people were also seen supporting Javed Akhtar's talk.