Entertainment / Jewel Vashisht came out in support of Raj Kundra, said - Poonam has been making nude videos for years

Zoom News : Jul 23, 2021, 06:23 AM
Shilpa Shetty's husband and businessman Raj Kundra made porn films and stranded in the case of streaming on mobile apps. In such a situation, Poonam Pandey has told how there was a time when Raj had threatened him and leaked his phone number. Now Raj's friend and fellow Jewel Vashishth has responded to Poonam's allegations.

In the conversation with zoom TV, Jewel Vashishth said, "Poonam had said in 2011 that if India's cricket team won, he will go to the field. And he has been making Nude films for years. How can these people say that Raj has put them in the Adult Industry? These people are making such videos before the launch of the company's company. '

Jewel said further, "Today Poonam is not with the rule. She is with her husband. He makes MMS video with his husband. Do they call them to do all this? A person is trapped and people are engaged in taking advantage of his condition. "

In 2019, Poonam Pandey had filed a case against Raj Kundra in the Bombay High Court. In his complaint, he had accused Raj Kundra and his fellow Armsprime Media Company that despite the end of their contract, Raj and they are using their videos in non-legally. Armsprime Media handles Poonam Pandey's app.

Poonam Pandey has given a big statement about Raj Kundra in recent interview. He said that Raj Kundra had asked him to render him again after the end of his contract, in which he could get the work whenever he could. When Poonam refused, he threatened to leak his private goods.

Poonam also said in another interview that Raj Kundra leaked his Personal Phone number on the contract of Poonam about the contract. Message was inserted with it - call me, I will take clothes for you. After this Poonam had to face many porn messages, calls and threats.

After filing the case in Poonam Pandey's 2019, Raj Kundra had said that he has nothing to do with the case of Poonam, because he has said goodbye to Armsprime Media in December 2019. Although obviously Poonam is not ready to leave this matter.

Talking about Raj Kundra, he is in judicial custody till July 23. The Mumbai Police had told the main accused to make them porn and streaming them in their official statement. Mumbai's Crime Branch registered a case in February 2021 against Raj.