Asia Cup 2023 / Karisma may happen for the first time in Asia Cup, this has never happened in 39 years

Vikrant Shekhawat : Sep 14, 2023, 05:00 PM
Asia Cup 2023: Asia Cup 2023. The biggest cricket tournament in Asia. When all the big teams of Asia face each other, the world watches them with bated breath. Something similar is happening this time too. Every match is full of thrill. The first edition of the Asia Cup was played in the year 1984, when Sunil Gavaskar was the captain of the Indian team, from then till 2023, 39 years have passed and Rohit Sharma is the captain. A lot changed during this period, but one thing has not yet been seen in the final of this tournament. But this time something may happen which has not happened yet.

Six teams took part in Asia Cup 2023

This time six teams are participating in the Asia Cup. It was historic for Nepal that they got a chance to play international cricket with their neighboring countries, but the team was eliminated in the first round. But the team must have learned something from India and Pakistan. Apart from Nepal, Afghanistan also got eliminated in the first round, although they tried their best, but the team could not enter the Super 4. After this, the competition continues between India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Bangladesh's game is almost over. Team India has entered for the finals, but now the question is which of Pakistan and Sri Lanka will go to the finals and defeat India for the title.

Asian Cup 2023 final may be between India and Pakistan

There have been matches between India and Pakistan in the Asia Cup every season, this time there were two matches. But the final never took place between India and Pakistan. But this time something like this seems to be happening. India entered the finals by defeating Pakistan and Sri Lanka. But in the meantime, the problem was such that Team India could have opened the path to the final for Pakistan, the same happened. India has kept Pakistan's hopes of going to the final alive by defeating Sri Lanka. Now the entire responsibility is in the hands of Pakistan. If the Pakistani team defeats Sri Lanka then it will directly go to the final, but if it loses then the final will be played between Sri Lanka and India. Not only this, if rain interferes and the match cannot be completed then Sri Lanka will qualify for the final on the basis of better net run rate. If the Pakistani team reaches the finals, it will be the first time in 39 years of history that there will be a title clash between India and Pakistan. It remains to be seen what equations are formed further.