India / kerala flood becomes worst red alert issued for 10 dams in state

Zoom News : Oct 19, 2021, 06:40 AM
Due to heavy rains in Kerala, the water level in many dams has increased significantly. On Monday, it was decided to open two gates of Kakki Dam while issuing a 'red alert' for ten dams in the state. Due to this, the water level of many rivers of South and Central Kerala is set to rise. State Revenue Minister K Rajan gave this information after reviewing the situation arising out of rain at Pathanamthitta District Collectorate. Revenue Minister Rajan said that despite the reduction in the havoc of rain since Sunday evening, the water tax level in Kakki Dam at Pathanamthitta was at the danger mark. has gone far above.

Sabarimala Yatra also banned

He said that once again heavy rains are expected in the state between October 20 and 24. In such a situation, it has become mandatory to release 100 to 200 cumecs of water from the dam. If this is not done, the situation may get worse. According to the Revenue Minister, the opening of Kakki Dam can increase the water level of the Pampa river by up to 15 cm. Due to this, the pilgrimage to Lord Ayyappa temple in Sabarimala for Thula Masam Puja has been stopped from Friday. Rajan said, it is not possible to allow pilgrimage in the current situation. If the water level in the Pampa river rises further, it will be difficult to evacuate the pilgrims safely.

Administration evacuated the coastal area

Rajan said that the NDRF teams are engaged in the operation to take the people living on the banks of the Pampa river to relief camps. If needed, there is a preparation to evacuate people by air. Kerala Water Resources Minister Roshi Augustine said that the water level of the Idukki dam on the Periyar river reached 2396.86 feet on Monday morning, while the full capacity of the dam is 2403 feet. It is estimated to reach 2398.86 feet by Tuesday morning. In such a situation, the people of the area need to be alert. To keep the water level in the dam under control, it has been decided to open two of its doors.

In the middle of the flood, the marriage took place by sitting in a big pot.

A good news has come amidst incidents of floods and landslides after heavy rains in Kerala. On Monday, a health worker couple by profession arrived here to perform the wedding rituals sitting in a big aluminum vessel while battling the submerged roads. After that both of them tied the knot. Their video has gone viral on social media. The two were married in a submerged wedding hall near a temple in Thalawadi. During this, only the relatives of the count had come. Akash and Aishwarya reached the wedding hall sitting in a big cooking pot. The newly wed couple said that the wedding was scheduled for Monday and they did not want to postpone it because of the auspicious time.