Entertainment News / Kriti Sanon herself revealed what kind of groom she wants for her life partner

Vikrant Shekhawat : May 12, 2024, 07:00 AM
Entertainment News: Since the beginning of this year, Kriti Sanon has been in the limelight for her films. 'Crew' actress Kriti Sanon is also in the news these days due to her dating rumors with her rumored boyfriend Kabir Bahia. However, the actress has not yet made any disclosure about whom she is dating. Meanwhile, some new updates have come out regarding his personal life. Recently the actress has revealed what her future ideal partner will be like.

Kriti Sanon's ideal partner

In an interview with Film Companion, actress Kriti Sanon was asked what kind of ideal partner she would look for. The actress laughed and said, 'I don't know. Who knows whether there is someone like me as I want or not? After this she says, 'I think we put too much pressure on ourselves like I want this boy, I want this boy, I want that boy. I think whatever is right will be found.

Kriti Sanon wants such a life partner

Kriti Sanon revealed that she wants a partner, 'who can make me laugh, with whom I have a great bond... who can talk to me for hours, who respects me and my work and I think that Things are very important to me. There should be honesty in the relationship. That person should have a good sense of humor and yes, he should be caring. One should always make time for love. Love is beautiful… love is not complex.

Who is Kriti Sanon's rumored boyfriend?

Rumors of Kriti's relationship with Kabir came to light when both of them celebrated Holi together in London. Their pictures surfaced on microblogging site Reddit and fans started speculating that Kriti and Kabir are dating. Kabir is the son of a big businessman of London. However, neither Kriti nor Kabir have paid attention or reacted to these speculations.