Bollywood / KRK told Salman Khan his elder brother, made this request to the media, said- 'I am not his enemy...'

Zoom News : Jan 16, 2022, 08:18 PM
Bollywood | Actor and critic Kamal R Khan is often in the headlines for his tweets. KRK's tweets remain in controversy and are often trolled. KRK often takes a dig at Bollywood celebs in his tweets. At the same time, the dispute between KRK and Salman Khan, which happened a few days ago, has not cooled down yet. Along with this, KRK had tweeted about Fake Six Pack at some time, which was linked to Salman Khan. In such a situation, now KRK has tweeted for Salman Khan and called him his elder brother.

KRK told Salman his elder brother

KRK has already made a tweet. In this tweet, KRK wrote, 'I request the media not to link all my tweets with Salman Khan. There may be some misunderstandings between us, but he is still my elder brother. So I am not their enemy and neither do I hate them. At the same time, every tweet of mine is not only for them… there are many other actors, about whom I tweet.

fake abs video

Remind that some time ago Kamal Rashid Khan shared a video. KRK wrote, 'Can you tell which actor in Bollywood uses these fake six pack abs?' Many people wrote the name of Salman Khan on this. One user wrote, 'Salman Khan's six packs are edited with VFX.' Some people have also posted a clip of a viral video of Salman in which his stomach is seen coming out. Although Salman works very hard on his body and often shares photos of the gym.

salman movies review

Let us tell you that Kamal Rashid Khan has been temporarily banned by the Mumbai Court from posting derogatory material about Salman. KRK's reaction came on this. A few days ago, a defamation case was filed against KRK for making objectionable things against Salman on social media. Since then, he has been continuously targeting Salman Khan without naming him. Court has imposed interim ban on KRK from posting such posts. On this, KRK says that he has not yet received the copy of the court order. KRK says that he has never spoken abusively about Salman, but he reviews his films honestly.