World / Lady Teacher jailed for sexual harassment of minor Boy Student

Zoom News : Oct 26, 2021, 09:21 PM
West Sussex: The relationship of Guru and disciple is considered to be the most sacred relationship, but a lady teacher of America put this relationship to shame. A 25-year-old teacher living in Horsham, West Sussex, UK, trapped a 14-year-old minor student in such a trap that she had physical relations with him several times. Now the teacher will have to go to jail.

been blackmailing

When this act of the accused lady teacher came to light, a case was registered against her for sexually assaulting a minor. He admitted in the police interrogation that many times he made physical relations in the car itself after trapping the minor in his love. Police investigation also revealed that the accused teacher was also blackmailing the student. According to the report published in the Daily Star, the whole incident is from a school in Horsham, West Sussex, UK, where 25-year-old teacher Fatina Hussain used to work.

such an open secret

This lady teacher came into the limelight when she jokingly told her handiwork to her friends one day. She said that she has physical relations with a 14 year old child of her class. When the matter reached the police, 25-year-old Fatina Hussain started threatening the child's family. Along with this, he also tried to give bribe.

Court sentenced

The case was being heard at Brighton Crown Court. The court has sentenced Hussain to five years and four months in jail for sexually abusing a child. Earlier this teacher had claimed that she had become pregnant after having a physical relationship with a 14-year-old boy. After being released on bail in June last month, Hussain began harassing the boy and his family to prevent a police investigation.

And try to trap the boys

The teacher did not stop here. Hussain tried to molest many more children through fake social media accounts. Putting pressure on the boy's family to withdraw the case, Hussain also threatened to get a member of his family fired from his job.