PM Modi US Visit / M-777 gun latest version, armored military vehicle – US offers to buy India

Zoom News : Jun 22, 2023, 01:44 PM
PM Modi US Visit: Many major agreements are expected to happen during PM Modi's US visit. India and US have strategic relations. At this time the politics of the world has changed. Due to the Russia-Ukraine war, a serious problem has arisen for many countries. Most of the countries of Europe including America, Britain are standing with Ukraine. But China is supporting Russia. China is doing this because Russia-India relations are decades old.

There is tension in China-India relations. By doing this, China is planning to make Russia in its court. Somewhere Russia is somewhat unhappy with the growing relations between India and America. However, ever since the war between Russia and Ukraine started, India has not taken any step against Russia anywhere. On this visit of PM Modi, there can be many deals related to defence, technology, cyber security, business between the two countries.

US offered to India

The US has offered to provide Stryker Armored Vehicles and upgraded M777 guns to India. With their joining, military strength will increase. That too at a time when China is eyeing India. You can't trust the dragon. That's why preparation should be complete all the time. About a fortnight ago, the nefarious activities of China were revealed through satellite pictures.

Armored Vehicle and M-777 Latest Gun

China is engaged in war-like preparations. The Stryker armored vehicle is going to rise to every challenge. It has been used in the Afghanistan war zone. The 155 MM M777 howitzer gun can be easily carried by helicopter to the mountain peaks. According to a Hindustan Times report, the Pentagon has offered eight-wheeled Stryker Armored Vehicles and M777 guns to New Delhi.

Can be used during war and rebellion

Apart from this, manufacturing of GE-F414 aircraft engine completely in India under MQ-9 Reaper drone and technology transfer is also included in this. Now it has to be seen how India deals with it. The Stryker armored vehicle is made by General Dynamics Land Systems. You can use it to quickly counter any kind of war or rebellion. This is an armored infantry vehicle. This vehicle is equipped with 30mm cannon and 105mm gun. The Stryker was used by US and NATO forces to fight the Taliban in Afghanistan.

155mm M777 is capable of handling any emergency

Now US is offering it to India. But the Modi government wants local manufacturing of this vehicle under self-reliant India. They want that they should be manufactured in the country itself. The US has also offered to upgrade the 155mm M777 howitzer with more accurate and longer range ammunition to counter the challenge on India's northern borders. India already has 145mm howitzer cannons. Their weight is light, so in any emergency it can be lifted by helicopter, taken to Arunachal, Jammu Kashmir, or any hilly areas.