Awadhesh Rai Murder Case / Mafia Mukhtar Ansari Awadhesh Rai murder case convicted, verdict came after 32 years

Zoom News : Jun 05, 2023, 02:04 PM
Awadhesh Rai Murder Case: Mafia Mukhtar Ansari has been convicted in the Awadhesh Rai murder case. The punishment of the mafia will be announced after 2 pm in the MP-MLA court of Varanasi. Congress leader Awadhesh Rai was murdered on 3 August 1991 in Lahurabir area of Chetganj police station in Varanasi. Awadhesh Rai's brother Ajay Rai had filed a case against Mukhtar Ansari and five more people. In this case, the production of the mafia in the court was done through video conferencing. The mafia is currently lodged in Banda Jail.

Mukhtar is in jail since 2005

Let us tell you that more than 96 cases are registered against Mukhtar and his family. Mukhtar's wife Afshan Ansari is also a prize of 75 thousand. Most of the cases are against Mafia Mukhtar. Mukhtar has 61 cases registered in serious sections like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping. Mukhtar Ansari is in jail since 2005. On the second number is Mukhtar Ansari's wife Afshan, who has more than 10 criminal cases against her. Afshan is absconding. Mukhtar's brother Afzal Ansari has 7 cases.

The mafia has been acquitted in the Muhammadabad case

On the other hand, earlier on May 17, the MP MLA court of Ghazipur acquitted him in the conspiracy of attempt to murder in Muhammadabad area, declaring him free of blame. In this case, the debate was completed on May 6 itself, after which the court had fixed the date of May 17 for pronouncing the verdict and today the court acquitted Mukhtar in this case.

Case was registered in 2009 in Muhammadabad police station

Please tell that in the year 2009, Mir Hasan alias Meerkallu resident Chakshah Muhammad alias Malikpura had registered a case of attempt to murder against Sonu Yadav in Muhammadabad police station. The police, considering Mukhtar Ansari as a conspirator, had registered a case under Section 120B against him. Ansari was then lodged in jail. Although the main accused in this case Sonu Yadav was acquitted by the court, while the MP-MLA was going on against Mukhtar Ansari in the court.

Ajay Rai had filed a complaint in Chetganj police station

Ajay Rai had filed a complaint in Chetganj police station of Varanasi regarding the murder of his brother. Apart from Mukhtar, the name of former MLA Abdul Kalam also came to the fore in this murder case. Along with this, Bhim Singh and Rakesh were also made accused by the police. This was a high profile case, because of which the then government had handed over the investigation to CBCID.

How the miscreants carried out the incident

It is being told that on the day Awadhesh was murdered, it was raining in the city. It was raining lightly. Awadhesh Rai and his brother Ajay Rai were talking in front of the house. Then suddenly a Maruti came in front of the house. By the time both the brothers could understand something, the miscreants who got out of the car started firing. Awadhesh Rai was badly injured in this attack. He was immediately taken to a government hospital in the city. But, the doctors could not save his life and he died.

Miscreants executed the incident near the police station

The murder of Awadhesh Rai had made a lot of headlines in the media then. Whoever heard about the incident was stunned. Due to this massacre, the fear of Mukhtar Ansari increased further in the surrounding areas of Varanasi. However, this murder case also made the police very angry. Because, the police station was just 50 meters away from where Awadhesh was murdered.