IPL 2024 / Mahendra Singh Dhoni will play next year's IPL, said Definitely If...

Vikrant Shekhawat : Oct 31, 2023, 03:00 PM
MS Dhoni IPL 2024: MS Dhoni, one of the brightest stars of Indian cricket. Even though he no longer plays international cricket for the Indian team, even after this neither his fan following nor his craze has reduced. Wherever they go, they become famous. One reason for this is that MS Dhoni may be away from international cricket, but is playing IPL. When IPL took place in the year 2023, Chennai Super Kings, captained by MS Dhoni, won the title. This time IPL is still far away, but its buzz has already started, because even though IPL is to start in March-April, but before that the auction is to be held in December itself and the teams have also started preparations for it. Meanwhile, the question is whether MS Dhoni will play next year's IPL or not. Regarding this, MS Dhoni himself has made the picture clear to a great extent.

MS Dhoni took retirement from international cricket in 2020

MS Dhoni had announced his retirement from international cricket on 15 August 2020. After this he was not seen in the blue jersey, but is seen in the yellow jersey every year in April and May. They also go to attend events etc. Recently, MS Dhoni attended a program and during this he told many things which people wanted to know. Actually, MS Dhone himself has made it clear that he was suffering from knee injury in last year's IPL, this time if it is true then he will definitely play IPL. In the update regarding his injury, it has been revealed that he is fine to a great extent and anyway there is still a lot of time left for March.

Only MS Dhoni can continue captaining CSK

MS Dhoni's relationship with Chennai Super Kings is different. He has been associated with the same team since the first IPL, when CSK was banned for two years, when he definitely went with another team, but as soon as the team returned, he also returned to CSK. Have come. Under his captaincy, CSK has won the IPL title five times, which is equal to Mumbai Indians. But this time it will be interesting to see which players MS Dhoni keeps in his team and whom he leaves out. Because in November itself it will be almost decided which players will be retained by all the ten teams and who will be shown the way out. After this, bidding will be done on the players in December. In such a situation, CSK will also look changed, but it is certain that MS Dhoni will be seen playing for his team in the yellow jersey next year also.