World / Man climb on tree police waiting for two days in new york

Zoom News : Oct 10, 2021, 08:16 PM
New York : One such case has come to the fore where when a person came to catch the police, he made such a masquerade that the police had to wait for two nights. All this happened when the police arrived, he climbed the tree. To get him down from the tree, the police used many tricks but the police could not bring the man down. Finally after two days the man got down.

Actually, this incident is from New York, USA. Here a man was accused of beating his mother. One day her mother reached the police station with a complaint that her son keeps hitting her. After this the police registered a case and sent a team to arrest his son. Everything about his son came to know before the police arrived.

As soon as the police reached there, the man climbed the tree. He threatened that if the police climbed up the tree, he would jump to death. The officers also pleaded with him to get him off the tree. But he didn't listen to anyone. Doing all this, two days passed.

It is also mentioned in the report that he climbed a tall tree nearby through the roof of the house. He also threatened the police that if anyone tried to climb the tree, he would jump down from the tree. Then what, the person spent the night of Wednesday and Thursday sleeping on the tree itself.

According to the information, the man kept beating his mother. His mother got fed up and complained to the police. Police said that there is a warrant for arrest against this person named Rudy Thomas. At present, after two days, the police somehow brought him down from the tree.