Sakshi Murder Case / Man or beast! Sakshi was stabbed 16 times and crushed with stones, still not even a wrinkle on her face

Zoom News : May 29, 2023, 09:05 PM
Sakshi Murder Case: Sahil, who killed Sakshi in Delhi's Shahbad area, has been arrested by the police, but his body language is telling a different story. Till now this murder seemed to be of an angry lover who killed his girlfriend in a fit of rage. But, in the picture that has come out of Sahil, there is neither fear on his face, nor remorse for having committed such a big crime.

The great thing is that even after so much vandalism, there is not an iota of shame visible in his eyes. It is not in the capability of a common man to be so fearless even after carrying out such brutality. Is this picture telling that Sahil is a monster in human form. We see and hear the news of crime every day, but such a crime comes to the fore once in years. In which humanity is wired at this level.

Significantly, the age of the accused Sahil is only 20 years and the age of the witness was only 16 years. Questions are being raised whether his killing spree at such a young age was due to his anger, or was there a well-planned conspiracy behind it.

After the incident of this murder on Monday, there is silence in the area. The CCTV footage of Sakshi's murder has come to the fore, seeing which everyone's soul trembled. Sahil first stabbed his girlfriend 16 times, then kicked her, even this did not satisfy him, so he threw big stones at the girl and made her bleed.

Even after death, he continued to vandalize the dead body. Significantly, accused Sahil was doing all this in front of passers-by. The people coming out of there were watching Sahil's brutality, but seeing his vandalism, no one dared to go near him. After the video of the murder surfaced, the police arrested Sahil. Police has identified it as Mohammad Sahil's father Sarfaraz.