Rajasthan / Mirdha family and relatives are joining BJP due to fear of ED

Zoom News : Mar 10, 2024, 09:05 AM
Rajasthan: After former cabinet minister Mahendrajit Singh Malviya, more than 5 veteran leaders of Rajasthan Congress are going to join BJP. The names of former Agriculture Minister Lalchand Kataria, former Minister of State for Home Rajendra Yadav, former MLA Richpal Mirdha, former MLA Vijaypal Mirdha, sportsperson Lal Bairwa, Alok Beniwal and Congress leader Rampal Sharma are included in this list. After all, why are these Congress leaders joining BJP? Is there any big political opportunity for these leaders in BJP or fear of ED-CBI? Why does BJP want to have these leaders in its fold despite opposition in the party?

Lalchand Kataria, who was considered close to former Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot and was the Agriculture Minister in his government, was not seen active in Congress for a long time. Despite being from Jhotwara area, he did not even contest the assembly elections and was also missing from the election campaign. Argued that at present he is focusing on spirituality and not politics.

Meanwhile, he met Vice President Jagdeep Dhankhar. When the photos came out, many political meanings started being inferred from them. To a large extent, it was clear that a new political mess is being cooked in the name of attention towards spirituality. Meanwhile, as the assembly elections approached, Kataria's association with Sangh loyalists had also increased.

However, till date he has neither put an end to the speculations about his joining BJP nor said anything openly. Now if sources related to BJP are to be believed, Kataria is joining BJP on Sunday morning.

Kataria is considered a meteorologist of politics

Lalchand Kataria is called the meteorologist of Jaipur politics. This is the reason why Lalchand Kataria, who was the Union Minister in the second term of the UPA government, neither contested the 2013 assembly elections nor the next year 2014 and 2019 Lok Sabha elections in the strong wave of Modi.

Meanwhile, Rekha Kataria from her family contested the assembly elections from Jhotwara seat in 2013, while CP Joshi contested from Jaipur Lok Sabha seat in 2014 and Krishna Punia in 2019. All three lost the elections.

After returning to the assembly elections in 2018, Kataria contested from Jhotwara seat and after winning, he became a cabinet minister. However, after this he did not contest elections again in 2023.

Why enter BJP?

It is not that Kataria ever asked for a ticket in Congress and the high command ever refused. If sources are to be believed, the reason behind his joining BJP seems to be less political compulsion than political gain. Its connection is with the Mirdha family, a big political family of Marwar. Former Degana MLA Vijaypal Mirdha is the son-in-law of Lalchand Kataria.

Vijaypal Mirdha's driver has been missing for more than one and a half years. Former minister and current Degana MLA Ajay Singh Kilak has been attacking the Mirdha family for a long time regarding this matter.

Rajendra Yadav, who was a minister in the previous Congress government, has also been counted among the special leaders of Ashok Gehlot. This is the reason why he was also given a major ministry like Home.

About 5 months ago, Enforcement Directorate (ED) teams had raided Rajendra Yadav's hideouts in Behror-Kotputli. In the raid related to mid-day meal supply irregularities, ED had started tightening its grip not only on Yadav but also on his two sons.

Meanwhile, there was a change of power in Rajasthan and BJP government was formed. Rajendra Yadav, who had won two consecutive elections from Kotputli, also lost. After this, discussion started in the political circles that in the changing circumstances, Yadav, who is trapped in the whirlpool of ED, may also leave the Congress. Now sources have also confirmed about Yadav that he is going to join BJP on Sunday morning.

There was talk for the last one year about Richpal Singh Mirdha, one of the big farmer leaders of Marwar, that he can join BJP any time. Just before the assembly elections, his niece Jyoti Mirdha had also joined BJP. Even then it was a common discussion that Jyoti Mirdha could take him to the BJP side.

Congress was also afraid of losing a big vote bank. Therefore, the party made up for it by giving three gifts to Richpal Mirdha. He was made the first chairman of Veer Teja Board. Son Vijaypal Mirdha was given ticket from Degana for the second time, while nephew Tejpal Mirdha was given ticket from Khinvsar assembly.

However, this move did not prove to be politically beneficial for Mirdha. Not only son Vijaypal and nephew Tejpal were defeated in the assembly elections, but niece Jyoti, who contested the elections on BJP ticket, also had to face defeat.

Why Enter BJP?

Richpal Mirdha did not see any future for himself in Congress. Recently he had said that at present there is no competition between Bharatiya Janata Party and Narendra Modi. He also said that in the changed circumstances after the construction of Ram Temple, there is no scope left for Congress in the Lok Sabha elections. Whereas Congress is now a party of sycophants.

Richpal Mirdha, one of the big leaders of Congress in Marwar, is the nephew of former Union Minister Nathuram Mirdha. He had already joined BJP once to save his family from legal troubles.

Richpal Mirdha has confirmed that he and his son Vijaypal Mirdha are joining BJP on Sunday morning.

Discussion of these two cases also!

Tarachand Sen, the driver of Richpal Mirdha's son Vijaypal Mirdha, has been missing for more than one and a half years. Former minister and current Degana MLA Ajay Singh Kilak has been attacking the Mirdha family for a long time regarding this matter.

Richpal Mirdha's daughter Tara Mirdha's husband Ravindra Bhakar is an Indian Railway Stores Service (IRSS) officer in the Railways, who is currently on the CBI radar. In January 2023, he resigned from the post of Chairman of National Film Development Corporation (NFDC) following corruption allegations. After the CBI investigation started, his original department was transferred to Railways in December 2023.

Khiladi Lal Bairwa, former MP from Karauli-Dholpur Lok Sabha seat, along with being the MLA from Baseri, has also been the Chairman of the Scheduled Caste Commission. He describes himself as belonging to the Sachin Pilot group.

His ticket was cut in the assembly elections, behind which Bairava held Ashok Gehlot responsible and said that during the mass resignation of MLAs on September 25, he had not resigned in support of Ashok Gehlot, due to which his ticket was cut. . After this, Bairava had contested the recently held assembly elections as an independent and could get only 1366 votes.

Why Enter BJP?

After these statements and attitude of Bairava against Congress, it was clear that he had made up his mind to leave Congress. At the same time, he was not being given any special attention in the Congress party. Now there is confirmed news from political sources that Bairavaa is also going to join BJP on Sunday morning.

Alok Beniwal, who won the elections as an independent candidate after the Congress ticket was cut in the 2018 assembly elections, is the son of senior Congress leader Kamla Beniwal, former deputy CM and governor of three states. After the year 2018, this time also in the assembly elections held in the year 2023, Congress did not give him the ticket and gave the ticket only to its defeated former candidate Manish Yadav. Who also achieved a spectacular victory this time. Political experts had considered the weakness of BJP candidate Upen Yadav as the reason for this defeat.

Why enter BJP?

Since Rao Rajendra Singh, BJP does not have any strong leader in this area. In such a situation, both Alok Beniwal and BJP were now finding support in each other.

Beniwal does not see any hope of getting a ticket from Shahpura in future also, in such a situation BJP is not only looking for a strong candidate for this seat but also has to give a big message among the Jat voters.

Due to this, political experts were speculating that Beniwal could join BJP any time. Now according to information received from sources, his name is also included in the mega joining of Congress leaders of BJP on Sunday morning.

Treasurer of Rajasthan Cricket Association and former District President of Bhilwara Congress Committee, Rampal Sharma was a candidate from Bhilwara Lok Sabha seat on Congress ticket in the year 2019, although he lost the election then. Earlier, in the 2013 assembly elections, Congress had given ticket to Rampal Sharma from Mandal assembly seat but even then he could not win.

Why enter BJP?

Rampal Sharma has an old friendship with former minister Lalchand Kataria. In the conversation also he told the same reason that Lalchand Kataria is joining BJP for the development of Rajasthan and I am also joining BJP for the development of Bhilwara. In the coming days, one or two of our big leaders will join BJP in all the 25 Lok Sabha seats of Rajasthan.

Why does BJP, which claims more than 400 seats, want to have Congress leaders in its fold?

Even though BJP is in power in Rajasthan, the central leadership is finding many seats weak for this Lok Sabha election.

The rise of Bharatiya Adivasi Party (BAP) in tribal-dominated Dungarpur, Banswara and Pratapgarh had caused significant damage to BJP in the assembly elections. BJP had won only 2 out of 9 seats in Banswara and Dungarpur. Congress won 4 out of 5 seats in Banswara, while in Dungarpur one seat is with BJP and one with Congress.

BJP was looking for a strong leader in the tribal areas. In such a situation, BJP included Mahendrajit Singh Malviya in the party and has now made him a candidate in the Lok Sabha elections.

Lalchand Kataria and Richpal Mirdha are considered big Jat leaders of the state. To strengthen its hold among the Jat voters of Shekhawati including Nagaur, Jaipur, BJP is also trying to win over many more Jat leaders to its side. At the same time, BJP wants to strengthen its hold on Yadav voters by recruiting Rajendra Yadav.

BJP's local leadership is protesting

The local leadership of BJP is opposing the joining of all these big leaders of Congress in BJP. For this reason the joining of these leaders is getting delayed.

The enmity between Mirdha and Kilak families in Nagaur is not hidden from anyone. Former minister Ajay Singh Kilak is continuously opposing his joining BJP. Same is the situation regarding the joining of Lalchand Kataria, Alok Beniwal, Khiladi Lal Bairwa and Rajendra Yadav.