Lok Sabha Election / Mission 2024 agenda fixed from Bhopal, what is Modi's motive behind every bet?

Zoom News : Jun 27, 2023, 06:06 PM
Lok Sabha Election: Prime Minister Narendra Modi, while addressing BJP workers from across the country from Bhopal in Madhya Pradesh, has set the agenda for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections along with the assembly elections to be held in five states this year. PM Modi not only gave the mantra of victory to the BJP workers, but also raised the issue of Triple Talaq and Pasmanada Muslims and also indicated to take steps towards Uniform Civil Code. Apart from this, by mentioning familyism, the opposition parties were also attacked.

During the BJP's 'Mera Booth Sabse Saubhag' campaign program, the party workers were asking their respective questions, to which PM Modi was giving a direct answer. During this, UP's Rani Chaurasia asked PM Modi a question on Uniform Civil Code, then the Prime Minister gave his opinion on all the issues related to Muslims along with answering it and also tried to lay a strong political base for the 2024 elections. Seen doing

Uniform civil code

Speaking on the issue of Uniform Civil Code for the first time, PM Modi said that for the sake of vote bank some political parties are provoking Indian Muslims on Uniform Civil Code (UCC). The Supreme Court is constantly asking about UCC, when to implement it, but some people do not want to allow it to be implemented. He said that if there is one law for one member in a house and another for the other, then how will the house be able to run. How will the country be able to run with such a dual system? Through this, PM Modi has made it clear that his government is now going to take steps on the issue of Uniform Civil Code as one of the major issues of BJP has been left to be implemented.

Actually, Article 370 has been abolished from Jammu and Kashmir and after the decision through the Supreme Court, Ram temple is being built in Ayodhya. In such a situation, only the issue of Common Civil Code is left, regarding which BJP's state level leaders keep giving statements, but now PM Modi has also made his point clear this time. The PM said that even in the Constitution of India, it has been talked about equal rights of citizens. In such a situation, in 2024, BJP can be vocal about this issue.

Bet on pasmanda muslim

Prime Minister Narendra Modi was once again seen trying to pacify Pasmanda Muslims by referring them to Shia Muslims. Modi said that Pasmanda Muslims did not get any benefit, rather they are going through suffering and trouble. Pasmanda Muslims have been exploited by a section of their own religion and have not got equal rights. Enumerating the names of Pasmanda Muslim castes, PM Modi said that even today these Muslim castes are victims of discrimination. Narendra Modi said that our government is running with the agenda of 'Sabka Saath and Sabka Vikas'. Muslim brothers and sisters are getting the benefit of all the facilities.

PM Modi is continuously trying to connect the Muslim community with BJP on the pretext of Pasmanda Muslim. In this way, there is a strategy to bring the backward class Muslims of the Muslim community with them. In view of this, BJP has been trying for a long time, but till now it is not getting success. The voting pattern of Muslims is such that they go with the party which seems to be defeating the BJP. In such a situation, PM Modi is trying that if Pasmanda gets a little vote of Muslims on the pretext of betting, then it can be successful in breaking the strategy of the opposition parties.

Nationalist Pasmanda Muslim Mahaj President Atif Rasheed tweeted that PM Modi has dared to raise his voice against the mental, economic and political oppression and discrimination being faced by the Pasmanda community for more than 800 years. Not only appeasement, satisfaction is the only option of Muslim Pasmandas. Pasmanda Muslims are being oppressed, they do not get equal rights. He is a victim of politics. They have suffered the loss of discrimination for many generations.

Message of triple talaq

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tried to give a political message to Muslim women by mentioning triple talaq. He said that those advocating triple talaq are doing injustice to vote bank hungry and Muslim sisters and daughters. Triple talaq not only breaks the daughter's house but also destroys the girl's family. PM Modi listed the names of all the Islamic countries where triple talaq is banned. Also asked the question that triple talaq is an Islamic part, then why has it been banned in Indonesia, Bangladesh, Qatar, Syria, Jordan and Pakistan.

People who persecute Muslim sisters and daughters advocate triple talaq. In this way, PM Modi has tried to portray the opposition parties supporting triple talaq as anti-Muslim women and the BJP as supporters of Muslim sisters and daughters. In this way, PM Modi is being considered as a strategy to help Muslim women.

Target on opposition unity

In 2024, the opposition is unitedly working on a strategy to enter the electoral fray against the BJP. In such a situation, PM Modi targeted the parties involved in the opposition unity and said that he called them a scam guarantee and said that Modi also has a guarantee that action will be taken against every scamster. The common minimum program of opposition unity is only to avoid scams.

He told the workers to take it door-to-door and expose their real face that everyone has joined hands only to avoid scams. During this, PM Modi has set his agenda in the opposition parties from Congress to RJD, NCP and DMK by trying to tell them that they are involved in corruption. At the same time, he also appeared as an aggressor by calling the opposition parties as familial parties.

It is clear from PM Modi's statement that in the 2024 Lok Sabha elections, BJP will be seen in an aggressive attitude regarding corruption and family-based parties. In this way, it is being considered as a strategy to deflate the agenda of the opposition, because the opposition has agreed to a large extent in the direction of contesting the elections together, forgetting all grievances among themselves. In such a situation, PM Modi has made a bet to counter the opposition's strategy, for that there is a strategy to put RJD to NCP, DMK in the dock.

Focus on Beneficiary-Dalit Vote

BJP's entire focus is on the vote bank taking advantage of the Centre's schemes, which have been named as beneficiaries. The way PM Modi talked about giving benefits of development schemes to people of all castes and religions in Bhopal and also said that we did not discriminate against anyone. Caste, community, uncle, uncle, nephew, nothing was seen in giving the benefits of our government schemes. The PM said that we believe that when the country is good, then everyone will be good.

BJP has decided that we do not have to follow the path of appeasement. Satisfaction is the way to do good to the country. Taking the name of different castes of Dalits in UP, PM Modi said that what kind of discrimination used to be done to them in development schemes, but now it is not so. In this way, PM Modi has tried to put the opposition parties in the dock, and at the same time he has also been seen trying to win over the Dalit vote bank.