Karnataka / More than 30 monkeys in the Hassan district of Karnataka. Poisoned, put in jute sacks and beaten to death.

Zoom News : Jul 29, 2021, 08:54 PM

A shocking incident of animal cruelty was reported in the village of Chowdanahalli, Hassan district of Karnataka, in which more than 35 monkeys were found dead and another 20 injured in the district's Chowdanahalli village. 

According to official information, the monkeys were poisoned by criminals, put in jute sacks, beaten and thrown on the side of the road near Chowdanahalli. The 20 monkeys injured in the barbarism were immediately supplied with water by the villagers.   

Curious to see jute sacks on the side of the road, passers-by were surprised what was inside when they opened them.  

Some villagers said the monkeys may have been attacked after being put in burlap sacks. The few who were still alive gasped and couldn't move.

Senior forest officials visited the site and initiated an investigation. They took the necessary steps to bury the dead monkeys. Preliminary reports suggest the monkeys were poisoned, police said.