Entertainment / Mukesh Khanna controversial statement in a viral video users slammed to actor

Zoom News : Aug 10, 2022, 07:48 AM
Entertainment | 'Shaktimaan' fame actor Mukesh Khanna has been in discussion many times with controversial statements. Mukesh Khanna expresses his opinion by sharing videos on his YouTube channel. A video of the actor is going viral on social media which is a part of his YouTube video. Hearing what he had said, social media users got furious and started telling him the truth. Mukesh Khanna said that if a girl asks a boy to have sex, then she is doing business. He said that people should not indulge in such things.

What Mukesh Khanna said about girls

In the video that is going viral, Mukesh Khanna says, 'Any girl tells a boy that "I want to have sex with you" then that girl is not a girl, she is doing business because such shameless things are not in a civilized society. That girl would never say. If she does then she does not belong to a civilized society. That is his business. Don't be a partner in it.'

User comments

A user commented on the video, 'Sorry Shaktimaan this time you are wrong.' Another wrote, 'Conservative thinking persists.' One user said, 'And did not say anything about boys.' One wrote, 'Okay cool, now make a video boy of civilized society.'

This was said on the MeToo movement

Mukesh Khanna had said about the MeToo movement in 2020 that sexual abuse or any kind of exploitation happens to women when they go out for work. Even at that time he had to face severe backlash.

To make a film on 'Shaktimaan'

Talking about the work front, Mukesh Khanna is going to make a film on the serial 'Shaktimaan'. The film has been announced by releasing the teaser. There is no information about its starcast yet.