Mumbai / Mumbai Couple Appeals to Bombay High Court For DNA Test of Child Born Through Surrogacy

Latestly : Nov 25, 2019, 01:10 PM
Mumbai: In a one of its kind case, a childless couple who recently became parents thanks to an egg donor and the husband's sperm, told the Bombay High Court that they want to get the child's DNA test done as they fear that the child was swapped by the hospital. The couple have also said that they will care for the child and not abandon him even if the result test is negative. The couple had a child after seven years of their marriage.

The Bombay High Court, on Friday, gave the couple time to file the affidavit. The court has instructed the couple to give it in writing that they will continue raising the child even if the result of the DNA test is negative.

The couple said that though the child had brought great joy to them, they developed suspicion due to the behaviour of the doctors. The Bombay High Court bench had directed the state forensic science laboratory at Kalina to submit the findings, reported The Times of India.

The petition by the couple does not mention the name of the hospital or the doctors, said the report. But the petition does mention that it had taken the help of a hospital in Mumbai after the doctor's recommendation regarding surrogacy treatment. The couple said that they were not allowed to visit the surrogacy house but could see the mother only at the doctor's clinic. The couple claimed that they fear their child was exchanged and suspected the doctors had a role in it.